kids jewellery


Name jewellery for children and your kids is more than pretty, personal and long-lasting; it is also useful if kids need help. We can put your kids name on our name jewellery. For this purpose, we use our name necklaces and our best friends necklaces. The bracelet was specially designed for your kids safety.

Name necklaces kids

Name necklaces are not just for adults and teens, but also for your kids. Kids silver jewellery are the perfect present from gramps, granny, mum, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, godmother or godfather. A silver name necklace is more than a personal gift; it is also a very long-lasting one, a gift they will wear for years.

One name or two on your jewellery for kids

A silver necklace with one name is nice. But if you want to have a necklace with two names, you can! It’s perfect if you have a double name or if you want to wear your name together with the name of your girlfriend, boyfriend, your kids, husband or wife - if it is a gift for your girlfriend, or if you want to have your kids names in a name necklace. Any or all are possible, as are accents and other markings. Hearts link the two names in the silver necklace.

Kids best friends

The best gift for your best friend or boyfriend, and the best gift to get from them – a friendship necklace! It says BFF, Best Friends Forever, it tells your boyfriend you love him, it tells your girlfriend you love her. We have some very special friendship necklaces also for kids for some very special people. We put both your names or initials on the kids friendship necklaces. The best friend necklaces look truly fantastic and they come in pairs, one for you and one for your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Safe and smart ID bracelets for kids

Our ID bracelets for kids not only increase child safety, they are also good-looking. We use only highest grade sterling silver. Children and your kids will be happy to wear them. It will be a weight off your mind when your  kids playing outdoors, are on holiday, at the beach, in the woods, at the campsite, at the fun fair, at the zoo, at a ski resort or an amusement park! 

Quick delivery and no shipping costs for kids silver jewellery

Your kids jewellery is sent from our studio within four days. Depending on the postal service, you will receive your order another 5-8 working days later. We do not charge you any shipping costs!

Super quality at a low price

We make name kids jewellery of excellent quality at very low prices. All our jewellery for kids is finished to perfection and it looks sensational! Browse around and order your favorite name item today!