A dear person close to you when you choose to buy a gold photo pendant

Having a gold photo pendant made is a very popular choice for many situations. It is one of the most personal pieces of jewelery imaginable, as a picture of a loved one in your life is printed with pin-sharp clarity. But you can also have a photo of your pet immortalized on gold, for example. Knowing more? We are happy to tell you more about the variants you can choose from in the field of a photo pendant gold.

You found your favorite photo pendant gold here

For a gold photo pendant you don't have to look any further from now on. You have come to the right place for a pendant in many types of designs. You can think of the following forms, among others:

  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Round

The pendants are perfect to wear as a necklace, but there are also people who choose to wear the pendant as an anklet or as a bracelet. What do you prefer?

Each pendant with photo gold always meets the highest quality

But the great design isn't the only thing you'll benefit from. Because we understand that the pendant should last a lifetime, and is one of the most personal designs you can imagine, we only supply the best quality gold. This means that your photo pendant is produced in 14 carat gold as standard. This also means that the metal will not discolour over time, so that the photo retains its quality. The hangers are available in different price ranges in our webshop.

A pendant with photo gold can be further personalized with a beautiful text

Have you found the perfect shape when it comes to a photo gold pendant? In that case you can also choose to further personalize the photo by adding text to the design. Many people choose to include the name of a pet or a loved one in the design. But you can also choose, for example, to have a date or a certain quote engraved in the design. Would you like to know if your idea can become reality? Then feel free to contact us. We like to think along with you and always provide you with professional and honest advice for your design.

Order your favorite gold photo jewelery in a few clicks

Ordering a gold photo jewelery is easy. Enter your wishes for the design as desired when placing an order and complete your order in a few clicks. We will then immediately start working on your order and deliver the pendant in the best quality gold to your home.