Gold friendship necklaces- gold friendship necklaces for two.

We have gold friendship necklaces for everyone. Personalised gold friendship necklaces in a variety of classic and modern styles, which make the perfect present. They are perfect for birthdays, Christenings, holidays, and even weddings. You could even celebrate an anniversary giving one of these gold friendship necklaces as a gift. Gold friendship necklaces are a personalised gift to treasure- and these are made just for you with your initials. Show your lasting love and friendship with a gold Yin Yan necklace, gold interlocking necklace, or a gold heart necklace. As in childhood, you keep one half, and give the other to a friend. Pretty silver friendship necklaces are also available. These touching gifts will look good forever and can always be worn. Go for friendship gold with a gold friendship necklace!

Gold friendship necklaces for those closest to you

Gold friendship necklaces are a perfect way to display a lasting connection with someone close to you, be that a best friend, beloved auntie, cousin, or dear sister. Although traditionally they are worn to display friendship, gold friendship necklaces are also suitable to show a lasting romantic connection with a wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. Stuck for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present? Share the love with a gold friendship necklace for 2. This is a gift your friend or loved one will always treasure. A gold friendship necklace will never date, lose its value or go out of style, unlike so many throwaway items we might have received as gifts over the years. Our gold friendship necklaces also have a real personal touch too- unlike most jewellery, these necklaces are personalised with your initials: they're actually made just for you! So if your friend or loved one is far away, you'll think of them when you look at your pretty shared jewellery, and they will be thinking of you, too.

Gold friendship necklaces in a variety of modern and classic styles

These gold friendship necklaces are made for two, so just like when you were a child, you keep one half, and selflessly give the other away! The difference here is in the quality and style of our gold friendship necklaces. You can choose between the gold Yin Yan (or Ying Yang) style, which originates in ancient Chinese philosophy, and symbolises two separate and dynamic forces which, together, are greater than the sum of their parts.

A gold friendship necklace in the style of two interlocking hearts represents the friendship and love that you feel for each other, and the strength that you find in the genuine bond that you share. This is a lovely traditional style and would particularly suit family members such as grandmas and grandchildren, or sisters who are also the best of friends. A gold heart friendship necklace is perhaps the most precious gold friendship necklace of them all. A heart is an international and traditional symbol of true love, and to give this gold friendship necklace to a friend, family member or partner will show them just how much they are loved and valued. It is an irreplaceable gift which will be treasured down the years, only growing more precious as time passes and your lives and situations change. You will be reminded that no matter what else alters, your friendship endures. Having your gold friendship necklace personalised with your initials will make this even more special.

Gold friendship necklaces in...silver!

While gold friendship necklaces are traditional and precious, some prefer a more modern, lighter look, and to cater to this we also provide a silver friendship necklace to share with your chosen one. Show your individuality and break from tradition with a silver friendship necklace.