A cherished memory in a fingerprint jewelry

There are moments and people in your life that you want to capture. You can do this by taking a picture of your loved ones and placing it in your living room. However, certain circumstances call for something different, a certain connection with a loved one that you want to feel and keep close to you. A jewelry with a fingerprint gives you exactly what you are looking for.

What is a fingerprint jewellery?

Each fingerprint is unique. A fingerprint is therefore very personal and that makes the idea behind a jewellery with fingerprints extra special. You take a fingerprint of the person you want to immortalize on the jewellery. Then this print is carefully applied to the chosen piece of jewellery, with our special machines we can process your digital photo or scan very accurately into a beautiful pendant. The print is then engraved in such a way in the jewellery that it is clearly recognizable.

A fingerprint jewellery that suits you

Popular jewellery are often necklaces with pendants and rings are also popular. It is good to know that fingerprint jewellery is available not only as a ring, but also as a necklace with a fingerprint pendant. This way, you can choose a piece of jewellery that contains a print of your loved one and you also have a stylish piece of jewellery that suits your personality. There is a choice of different designs. This ranges from a simple, elegant round pendant to a robust, wide ring. Of course, bracelets are also available that can accommodate a fingerprint.

Golden and silver jewellery with a fingerprint

A fingerprint can be applied to golden or silver jewellery, we make your pendant from 925 sterling silver or 14 carat gold. All our precious metals are of this high quality. The size of the jewellery is of course decisive for the type of print you choose. For example, a pendant with a fingerprint can fill the entire pendant, but you can also choose a combination of a print and a personal text. This can be engraved on a clover-shaped pendant or on a heart. In children, fingerprints are sometimes not yet clearly formed. Then it may be more beautiful to choose a handprint or even a footprint, which are reduced in size to the proportions of the jewellery.

Choose a personal jewellery with a fingerprint

People often choose a piece of jewellery with a fingerprint after a loved one has passed away. This way, they carry a tangible memory of the person with them. However, a death is not always the reason to have a print engraved on a piece of jewellery. Because joyful events such as a birth or a wedding are also reason to apply a fingerprint to a piece of jewellery. For example, choose a pendant with two fingerprints to celebrate an engagement. And a footprint for a birth. If you are looking for a beautiful memory of your pet, you can also capture this with a print in a piece of jewellery. In that case, it will of course be a paw print.

How do you make a print for a pendant with a fingerprint?

There are different ways to make a fingerprint. When someone has passed away, it is possible to ask the funeral director to do this. The funeral director has the best equipment to make a clear fingerprint. If you know that a loved one will soon pass away, you can of course make the memory even more valuable by already making a fingerprint for a pendant together. You can do this, for example, by coloring the finger with a pencil and putting the print on paper. Or you can use a stamp pad. Make sure that the contours are clearly visible, so that the print gives the best result on your fingerprint jewellery. For a detailed explanation on making the fingerprint, we refer to the explanation on our blog making a fingerprint.