Fingerprint jewellery

Are you looking for a way to engrave your fingerprint on jewellery? Names4ever has the largest collection of personalized fingerprint necklaces, so you've come to the right place. Our fingerprint jewelry is made from the highest quality 925 Sterling silver or 14 carat gold. The jewellery with fingerprint is elegant and timeless, making them suitable for everything.

A pendant with fingerprint often acts as a memorial jewel. In addition to engraving a fingerprint, we also engrave photos and texts on pendants. Go to our page with memorial jewelry to see the entire assortment of memorial jewels.

Jewellery with fingerprint

Our jewellery with fingerprint is engraved with the fingerprint that you have sent to us. Some models of the fingerprinted jewelry can also be personalized with a name or a date. That is why the fingerprint jewellery keepsake have real meaning. If you want to order a necklace with fingerprint from Names4ever, we only need a photo or scan of your fingerprint. You don't have to do anything else!

In addition to the various necklaces, we also have fingerprint rings and bracelets. So you have enough choice to find a thumbprint piece of jewelry.

Fingerprint necklaces in silver or gold

We offer fingerprint necklaces in various precious metals. We produce the silver fingerprint jewelry from 925 Sterling silver. This is the best quality silver available in the market. Do you prefer to wear gold? Then we have golden fingerprint necklaces for you, made from 14 carat gold. The quality of our jewelry can be compared to that of a jeweler.

Baby fingerprint necklace

Our collection of fingerprint pendants is particularly suitable for adults. This is because children under the age of three often have fewer deep grooves as fingerprints. Of course it is possible, but it is more advisable for babies and toddlers to choose hand and footprint jewellery.

These prints can easily be made at home with a inkpad, but perhaps such a print was also made at the doctor or in the hospital at that time. In any case, make a scan or a photo of the print and use it when placing your order for – for example – handprint jewellery.

Fingerprint jewelry as a gift

A fingerprint engraving from Names4ever is a great gift for different occasions. We often produce the pendants as birth presents, birthdays, weddings or commemorations. They represent a memory or story that is personal to everyone. That is why it is a good gift to commemorate someone who is no longer alive, but still close to the heart. In the end there is nothing more unique than someone's fingerprint. Another unique, personal memory gift is a photo pendant.