Zodiac Charms

A silver zodiac charm with signs and symbols from astrology should definitely not be missing from your bracelet! You wear your zodiac sign on your name pendant from Names4ever. We depict your zodiac sign on your personal charm as a symbol. And we engrave your name in the silver or golden zodiac charm. With a convenient carabiner, you can easily attach your personal zodiac to a bracelet you already have, or to a bracelet you order with it. So you always carry your personal zodiac with you as a unique piece of jewelry. Order your silver zodiac charm today!

Zodiac charm with or without bracelet

You can easily attach the zodiac charm to your bracelet. The silver zodiac charm fits on different bracelets thanks to the carabiner, and you can easily switch them. To make your zodiac charm complete, you can also order a matching bracelet from us. You can choose from a jassaron bracelet with a length of 19 centimeters, a pearl bracelet, a gemstone bracelet, or a cat's eye bracelet. For children, we have a bracelet in the collection with a length of 16 centimeters.

Wear a zodiac charm with your zodiac sign and name

The zodiac, or zodiac belt, consists of twelve zodiac signs. These are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Which zodiac sign belongs to you depends on your date of birth. That's why the zodiac charm in silver or gold is the ultimate personal piece of jewelry. Especially if you also have your name engraved on a charm. The round golden zodiac charms are made of 14 karat gold and have a diameter of about 14 millimeters. Each gold charm has a carabiner, with which you can easily attach it to your gold bracelet or necklace.

The Golden Zodiac Pendant: A Personal Piece of Jewelry

The golden zodiac pendant is the perfect accessory for those who love to stand out with a personal piece of jewelry made of gold. The signs of the constellation are often incorporated into gold jewelry pieces. The zodiac consists of twelve constellations, each depicted with its own symbol. Furthermore, every golden zodiac pendant can be engraved. Have your name engraved, or wear golden zodiac pendants with the names of your children. There are many possibilities with the golden zodiac pendants. Of course, you can buy these gold accessories for yourself. But they are also a great gift. Get inspired by the beautiful golden zodiac pendants in this online store. Wear the pendant with your name and zodiac on a gold bracelet or on a gold chain. Every golden zodiac jewelry piece in our online store is of high quality gold and finished with attention to detail. The gold pendants have a beautiful shine and a luxurious appearance that will last a long time. You will have years of enjoyment from these gold pendants.

Zodiac Charms Also Available

We also have zodiac charms with signs and symbols from astrology! Not only charms with the zodiac symbol, but also a charm with your personal Chinese zodiac sign. You can hang the charm with a symbol from the zodiac or zodiac or with your Chinese zodiac sign on an existing chain, or you can also order a chain at the same time. Chains make the gift complete!

A Zodiac Pendant from Names4Ever is comparable to zodiac pendants from a jewelry store.

We make our jewelry such as the zodiac pendants and other pendants and charms from a special high quality silver, just like you would find at jewelry stores. An Names4ever piece of jewelry can easily be ordered online and is definitely no less than a piece of jewelry from a jewelry store. So without leaving your home, you have still been to a jewelry store! You can order jewelry of optimal quality right from the comfort of your own couch!

Low Price for a High-Quality Silver Star Sign Pendant

We offer jewelry of great quality at a very low price, comparable to what jewelers offer. All of our jewelry is beautifully finished and deserves to be seen! Take a look and order your silver star sign today at Names4ever.