animal jewellery
Gepersonaliseerde Dierensieraden

Personalised animal jewellery

Nice to have you join our animal jewellery! At Names4ever, we love honouring your special connection with your faithful friend with our fantastic collection of personalised pet jewellery. Whether you have a young puppy, a stubborn cat, or another beloved pet, you can really show how much you love them with our personalised jewellery.

Jewellery with your pet

Feel free to explore our amazing collection of jewellery featuring your pet! We have a wide range of cool dog and cat pendants in both silver and gold. The best part? We have pendants for all breeds, so you can show your love for your faithful companion in a unique way with a piece of jewellery with your pet. And here comes the best part: you can personalise them with your pet's name or special date. How cool is that? As icing on the cake, we even offer the option to engrave something on the back. This amazing jewellery is the way to express your love for your pet and always carry it close to you.

Dog ash jewellery

At Names4ever, we offer a wide selection of ash jewellery, including ash jewellery for animal lovers. It is important to note that our ash jewellery is not specifically shaped like a dog or animal. What we can also do is engrave your little friend's name or paw print on the pendant. Instead, we have several types of ash jewellery available that can hold a small amount of ashes. Whether you choose a silver or gold pendant, every ash jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity. With these ash jewellery pieces, you can always keep the thought of your beloved pet close to you. Explore our collection of ash jewellery and find the perfect ash jewellery to carry your faithful companion with you.

Still have questions?

At Names4ever, we understand that you may have questions about our jewellery and services. Therefore, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help you. Our jewellery comes with a 6-month warranty. However, if you have specific requests or need more information, we are always here for you. You can reach us by phone on 0208 068 6513 from Monday to Friday. For written enquiries, please email us at We aim to provide you with the best possible support and answer all your questions.