Holy communion jewellery; jewellery for a special day

Parents can often remind the baptism of their child very well. As parents you have made the choice to let your child grow up in the tradition of the church, an important decision! Small as they were, the children themselves have no recollection of this moment. When your child is doing his or her First Holy Communion it has independently made the choice to be part of the church. Therefore the day of the First Holy Communion is a very special one, which usually ends in a celebration with family and friends. The preparations for this day often begin months before the day of the 1st Holy Communion itself. You want your child to look at its best. The most beautiful clothing; white dresses with lace, gloves, ribbons in their hair or a veil, the young girls often look like lovely little brides on their First Holy Communion. The boys wear wonderful three- or four piece suits, quite the little gentlemen! Of all Communion accessories First Communion jewellery should not be missed! Therefore Names4ever has an extensive new collection of First Communion jewellery especially for this day. Lovely Communion jewelry in gold and silver such as pendants and charms engraved with the name and date of the communicant.

High quality communion jewellery with personal engraving

Our communion jewellery is specially manufactured to order. The silver Communion jewellery is made of the highest quality 925 sterling silver and our golden Communion jewellery is made of real 14 carat gold.

Wide selection communion jewellery for boys and girls

The collection Communion jewellery of Names4ever offers a wide selection to choose from. Like silver and gold pendants with a cross, a dove with name and date in gold or silver, angels, or a lovely heart with name in an elegant font. And the collection communion jewellery is not just for girls! For the boys we have several pendants in our collection. Round pendants with engraved name, dog tags with cross, or a silver cross pendant with engraving. You can choose from classic or modern 1st Holy Communion jewellery; think of a praying girl or boy, the symbols of bread and wine, bit also silver pendants with birthstone or cubic zirconia.

Holy communion gifts for your child, grandchild or godchild

Give your child, grandchild or godchild a special personalized pendant or charm from Names4ever and his or her First Holy Communion day can’t get any better! How special to wear such a personal communion pendant with your own name during your 1st Holy Communion. It makes this special day even more special! Also long after the day itself such a personalized Communion gift will be worn with love. A tangible reminder in gold or silver of the First Holy Communion.

Religious jewellery with birthstone

A lovely alternative to the more classic pendants are the silver Communion pendants with birthstone or cubic zirconia. A silver commemorative piece of jewellery that will always remind the communicant of her First Holy Communion.

Communion necklaces and bracelets

When you give one of our lovely pieces of Communion jewellery to your child or godchild you might want to do this as a complete set. We have several matching necklaces in gold and silver that go very well with our Communion pendants. We also have several silver children’s bracelets with a length of 16 cm that go well with the silver charms, like a name bracelet or a silver infinity bracelet with name.