Personalised signet rings

Signet rings are currently very popular and a real eye-catcher. The details that many signet rings have add a wonderful touch to any outfit. They are very unique and a great personal piece of jewellery for everyone! Their size and shape makes them striking rings with which you can make a statement.

Signet rings - A classic becomes a fashion trend

Signet rings have that special something that makes them unique and perhaps even mysterious. In the past, the engraving of signet rings served to seal letters. A signet ring was engraved with a family crest and the wearer could then use it as a stamp, as it were. In the meantime, an old tradition has become a real trend. In this day and age, but also in the past. Perhaps you still remember your grandfather's golden signet ring and it is a beautiful heirloom within your family that passes from father to son. So signet rings have a unique and personal story. Would you like to know more about the history of signet rings? Then read on here.

Signet rings in various materials and models

Our personalised signet ring collection is very extensive and unique, thus suitable for everyone. We make signet rings for men and women, because it is a timeless piece of jewellery for everyone. All our signet rings are available in real gold and 925 sterling silver. Our gold signet rings are made of 14 carat gold and are perfect for those who appreciate quality.

Our models:

  • Round signet ring
  • Oval signet ring
  • Heart-shaped signet ring
  • Disc signet ring

  • All models can be ordered in the sizes 16 - 19 mm. Our signet rings are all highly polished and can be engraved with any design.

    Our engravings:

  • signet ring with initials
  • signet ring with name
  • signet ring with family crest
  • signet ring with finger print
  • signet ring with horoscope

  • If you don't want an engraving but still want to wear the blank signet ring, you can also order it without engraving. We are also happy to make a signet ring with your own designed engraving. Your self-designed signet ring tells a personal story that you can wear with pride. Please feel free to contact us.

    How do I combine a signet ring?

    It is not only the meaning that makes a signet ring special, but also the shape and size. Signet rings are often worn in combination with other rings and make your outfit even more personal. Wear the signet ring on your middle finger, then combine regular rings on your index or ring finger. Mix and match with gold and silver to suit your mood. Men also like to wear a signet ring on their pinky or index finger.

    Order personalized signet rings online at Names4ever

    At Names4ever you can easily order a beautiful signet ring with engraving that matches every outfit and gives you that little extra. You can already find a personalized signet ring at Names4ever from €69,95. When you order a signet ring from us, it will be delivered within 7 working days. Still doubting about the right ring size? Read our blogpost about how to determine the right size. If you have any questions about our personalised signet rings, we are happy to help you via tel.: 0208 068 6513 or e-mail: