An engraved pendant, fantastic gift!

It's always nice to receive gifts. But it's also very nice to give gifts to someone. Just because or for a special occasion. Engraving a golden pendant can be a wonderful gift, for example! Engraving such a pendant is personal and can become a golden piece of jewelry with precious memories attached. If you give this gold pendant to your loved one, it will certainly be worn with a lot of love. But there are, of course, many more occasions to think of to have such a pendant engraved for someone. Think of birth, communion, birthday, or perhaps to encourage someone who is going through difficult times. Engraving, such a pendant becomes very personal. The engravement can be your name, but also a date or a word with special meaning. We can engrave a maximum of 12 characters in your pendant. So, take a look at our online shop and order the golden pendant of your choice today and have it engraved!

Order engraved pendants online, fast and easy

Order such a pendant from us quickly and easily and have it engraved. Choose the most beautiful one and we will get to work and engrave a name, date or word of your choice with a maximum of 12 characters. The advantage of ordering online is that you don't have to leave the house. No long queues at the cash register, no parking fees, only advantages. You can relax on your own couch with a cup of tea and look at the jewelry you like. Choose the most beautiful pendant and we will engrave it for you. Order today and within a few days, you will have a special piece of jewelry at home.

Engraving pendants, for him and her

The pendants we engrave are jewelry that can be worn by both men and women. The pendant we engrave has a size of 17mm x 17mm and we can engrave a maximum of 12 characters. There are 2 versions. The smooth gold pendant and the gold pendant that is fully engraved with your name. The latter gives a very special effect and fits perfectly with the fashion of today! The pendant can be worn with a gold chain, but for men, it is also an idea to hang the pendant on a leather cord for a more rugged effect. So, take a look at our site and see what the possibilities are and make your choice today!

Engraving pendants with animal signs

The pendant we engrave is also embellished with a cut-out animal sign. Think of the butterfly, cat, elephant or a dog paw, for example. The image of the animal makes the pendant complete. Also nice to give as a gift to children. For example, for communion or baptism, swimming diploma, or of course, just for a birthday. The pendant will certainly be appreciated. For men or women or for children. There is something for everyone. So, take a look at our website at your leisure. You will surely like it. By the way, there is much more to choose from than just such a golden pendant that we engrave. Check it out and order today! You will have your order within a few days.

An engraved pendant in 14 Karat Gold

The pendant that we can engrave on is made of 14 karat real gold! This is an amazing pendant of very good quality. The pendant requires almost no maintenance. Just polish it with a gold or silver cloth and the gold pendant that we engrave on will shine as never before. This is actually enough to keep the pendant looking beautiful. So you can enjoy your engraved pendant for even longer! Also check out our Initial and Monogram necklaces. These are currently extremely popular!