carrie name necklace

The Carrie Name Necklace

Are you one of the millions of viewers who fell in love with Sex and the City? If so, then it is quite likely that you also noticed the personalised Carrie necklace worn by Carrie Bradshaw. Names4ever is happy to announce that we have now provided you with your very own Carrie name necklace. Of course, you do not have to be named Carrie to enjoy such a Carrie-style necklace. On the contrary, we give you the possibility to personalise your very own version; another hallmark of the services that we provide. You will still be able to enjoy the original beauty, precious metals and flowing text that have come to define this one-of-a-kind Carrie name necklace. However, this is just a hint of what we will additionally provide.

Why Choose a Carrie Name Necklace?

Shakespeare once stated that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" and this is just as true in reference to our name necklaces. In other words, why not accentuate your very own uniqueness through a universally recognised style? While you will be embracing an allure that has captivated millions, you are doing so with the addition of your very own name. In fact, we even give you a choice of different metals. While a silver design is quite popular, a Carrie necklace of gold is also available if you desire to make a truly exquisite impression. Regardless of your final decision, expect to radiate beauty and a subtle sensuality with our selection of Carrie name necklaces. Although money and bespoke beauty have little in common, it is also worthwhile mentioning that Names4ever boasts some of the most agreeable prices within the entire marketplace. Take a further look at our Carrie Bradshaw necklaces to confirm this fact!

Carrie Name Necklaces to Stun Your Friends

You will be the envy of your peers when donning one of these Carrie name necklaces. Not only can these unique pieces punctuate any existing wardrobe imaginable, but they will do so in a manner that will exude a soft elegance. If you truly wish to add a bit of extra flair, we even give you the option to place a single cubic zirconia within the name itself. This will enable your Carrie name necklace to exhibit even more of a distinctive appeal. Please feel free to click on any Carrie name necklace image to examine the designs in more detail. If you would like more fonts than the carrie font, than we recommend that you look at our silver name necklaces or golden name necklaces.

The Shimmering Beauty of a Carrie Name Necklace

Whether you prefer to enjoy a Carrie necklace of gold or instead choose a silver Carrie name necklace, our use of only the finest and most polished of metals will leave you speechless in regards to their beauty. In addition to the more well-known cursive design, we also offer you a unique alternative that is in the form of a four-leaf clover. While this Carrie name necklace is perfect if you wish to express your roots, beauty knows no ethnicity. Expect to feel lucky with these unforgettable clover pendants. The extraordinary appeal of our Carrie name necklaces simply cannot be overstated and if you feel that you deserve a special treat, Names4ever is here to accommodate!

After choosing the design and features you want to display within your Carrie name necklace, you can expect this item to be around your neck in a matter of days. Not only does Names4ever provide excellent delivery times, but we have gone ahead and have no shipping fees! Whether you are a devout fan of Sex and the City or you simply have an appreciation for timeless beauty, a Carrie name necklace is the perfect option. Feel free to indulge your sense of style and fashion today!