With the bracelets of Names4ever you will stand out for sure. Let us surprise you, because we have a very large collection bracelets. It doesn’t matter if you want a silver bracelet, a bracelet made out of stone, a charm bracelet or a name bracelet. We have something for everybody, doesn’t matter young or old. We even have tough SOS bracelets for children. Are you looking for a nice charm to put on your bracelet? Then take a look at our silver charms or golden charms!

Charm bracelets

The collection charm bracelets has a lot of dimensions. You could choose for the silver bracelet, but we have a lot of different types of charm bracelets with colors as well. They look really nice in the summer with your clothing. The bracelets are made from an elastic so they will fit always for everybody. These charm bracelets are available in pearls, cats-eye or gemstones. Some of them have remarkable powers. The pink quartz version is the one for love and the onyx bracelet gives you a feeling of happiness and confidence. Besides that the charm bracelets just have lovely colors and you can hang the charms on every place in the bracelet. You can wear different colors with each outfit.

Shamballa bracelets

The Shamballa bracelets are a trend at the moment. The bracelets, who originally come from the Tibetan Buddhism, are handmade and worn by celebrities in Hollywood. These bracelets are available in different colors and designs. They can be worn by as well men as woman. Just let us surprise you by the large collection we have.

Leather bracelets

Our leather bracelets have a beautiful quality and are definitely not expensive! These are available in different colors and can be combined perfectly with the silver bracelet and the pearl bracelets of Names4ever. So order your beautiful bracelet and you are totally hot for this summer. You will look astonishing with these beautiful leather bracelets on your sun browned arm.

SOS bracelets for children

Hip and trendy as well are our SOS bracelets for children. It always comes handy to have your child wear one of these when you are on a holiday or your child has a school trip. The bracelets are made out of sterling silver, held by a firm cord, which is available in different colors. The cords can easily be adjusted in length by having a small knot in the cord. In the pendant of the bracelet the name and telephone number will be engraved. That way you will always have a safer feeling when the family or your child goes on a trip. And besides that, these bracelets are super cool!

Silver charm bracelets for children

The silver charm bracelets for children are really fantastic. Because the bracelet has an anchor link, it can easily be worn at every length. And it can be combined very well with all of our silver name charms. The charms can be hung at every place in the bracelet because the charms have a snap hook on it. So order your very own bracelet today and find out what charms will fit your purpose! We offer the best selection of bracelets.

Shipping of the charm bracelet

When you have made your chose, we start immediately and won’t disappoint you! The bracelets are made out of a good and firm quality, such as you are used to at your local jeweler store. We will ship each bracelet in a beautiful packaging box and send it as soon as possible. You won’t pay any shipping costs at Names4ever. Now quickly look at our wide collection and don’t forget to order your favorites today!