Personalized Bracelets

Are you also a lover of personalized bracelets? So are we! With a personalized bracelet, you stand out and have the feeling of wearing something truly valuable. Do you also often look at your personalized jewelry with warm feelings? Our collection of personalized bracelets is versatile and affordable. All our personalized bracelets can be customized with a personal engraving.

What does your collection of personalized bracelets look like?

Below is a small overview of our personalized bracelets. Our team is busy every day coming up with new jewelry designs. We draw inspiration from the latest trends for designing our personalized bracelets. We are very enthusiastic about our personalized bracelets. Each personalized bracelet is designed with great love and attention to detail.

  • Bracelets with names
  • Bracelets with initials
  • Bracelets with fingerprints
  • Bracelets with photos
  • Do you have a great idea for an engraving on your personalized bracelet? Mention it in the order or contact our customer service. There is so much possible in terms of design and we always try to create a suitable personalized bracelet for you. Of course, we do this in good consultation with you. We want you to enjoy your personalized bracelet for years to come.

    What are our personalized bracelets made of?

    We only use the best and most beautiful precious metals in making our personalized bracelets. All our jewelry is made in our studio. You can recognize our personalized bracelets by the silver 925 hallmark and our gold bracelets by the 585 hallmark. So, whether you want to treat yourself or surprise someone else? You are more than welcome with us! We only sell personalized bracelets of jeweler quality. Convince yourself and order your favorite personalized bracelet.

    What size personalized bracelet do I need?

    You naturally want the personalized bracelet to fit perfectly around your wrist. That's why most personalized bracelets are delivered in size 17-20 cm, so they can be fastened between 17 and 20 cm. For the most comfortable fit, the bracelet should be about 2.5 cm larger than your wrist circumference.

    You measure your wrist circumference by wrapping a tape measure or string around your wrist. Do this just behind your knuckle. Read the size and voilà, you can now calculate your bracelet size.

    Shipping of the charm bracelet

    When you have made your chose, we start immediately and won’t disappoint you! The bracelets are made out of a good and firm quality, such as you are used to at your local jeweler store. We will ship each bracelet in a beautiful packaging box and send it as soon as possible. You won’t pay any shipping costs at Names4ever. Now quickly look at our wide collection and don’t forget to order your favorites today!

    What can you expect from us?

    At Names4ever, we take the quality guarantee of our personalized bracelets very seriously. We do everything we can to deliver bracelets that you can be proud of. If you receive a product that deviates in quality, you can exchange it for a new one free of charge. We provide a warranty of at least six months on all our jewelry. You can always contact our customer service.