Zodiac pendant with your own name

A pendant with your own zodiac sign is already something special, but it can be made even more special by having your own name engraved on it! As there is room for 40 characters, almost any name, date or even a short text is possible. So there is something for everyone. We not only have pendants with a zodiac sign on them, but also pendants with animals. Or perhaps you want a pendant with your own photo on it? Whatever it is, Names4ever specializes in personalized jewelry, so everything you find on this website can be personalized with a name, a photo, a date, or even a fingerprint!

Horoscope Pendant

A horoscope pendant, now completely trendy and contemporary! The horoscope pendants for boys and girls, for men and women! The silver pendants show the zodiac signs as signs of the zodiac. Names4ever makes the beautiful silver rectangular horoscope pendants even more personal by engraving your name and date of birth on them. A great way to carry your horoscope with you. Also order a pendant of your zodiac sign, name and date of birth, of course from Names4ever. Prefer to wear a gold pendant? Then take a look at our collection of gold horoscope pendants!

A horoscope pendant, fun to give as a gift!

Are you looking for a fun and personal gift for a special person? For example for your mother or father, friend or girlfriend, daughter or son? Then the rectangular horoscope pendant with zodiac sign, name and date of birth is the ideal gift! The silver horoscope pendants are fun for young and old. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a piece of jewelry from Names4ever.

Horoscope pendant, with or without a necklace

You can easily attach the horoscope pendant to the necklace you already have. To complete your gift, you can also order a matching necklace for your pendant from us.

Also pendants with astrology zodiac sign and Chinese zodiac sign

At Names4ever, you can also find round pendants with your zodiac sign from the horoscope. Names4ever also engraves your name and date of birth on these horoscope pendants. Another popular pendant is the one with the Chinese zodiac sign. Completely trendy! You can hang these pendants from Names4ever on your existing necklace, but you can also order a necklace at the same time, because necklaces complete the gift!

Zodiac Pendants

Who doesn't know them, the silver zodiac pendants. They are back in fashion, for boys and girls, for men and women! Names4ever makes the beautiful silver zodiac pendants very personal by engraving your name and birth date on them. The way to carry them with you. Order your silver zodiac pendant with your name and birth date, of course at Names4ever. Prefer to wear gold? Then check out our collection of gold zodiac pendants!

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Trendy and contemporary, that's what the zodiac pendants with Chinese characters are. The silver pendants with the Chinese zodiac sign are a special way to carry your horoscope with you. We have been seeing the symbol of the Chinese zodiac sign on pendants and charms for some time now. Very much in line with the times is to wear a silver pendant with your Chinese zodiac sign. In addition, Names4ever also engraves your name on the rectangular pendant with the Chinese zodiac sign. A special piece of jewelry for men and women.

Zodiac Pendants with Chinese Astrology

You can also turn to Names4ever for pendants with signs and symbols from Chinese astrology! These pendants with signs from Chinese astrology have a rectangular shape. Names4ever specially engraves your name on them for you. Another Chinese zodiac sign with name and birth date is the round Chinese zodiac sign. The image on these pendants is the symbol we know from the horoscope. These silver Chinese zodiac sign pendants from Names4ever can be hung on an existing chain, but you can also order a chain right away. We supply beautiful silver necklaces in lengths of 38-42 centimeters, 45-50 centimeters and 80 centimeters. Because necklaces make the gift complete!

What Chinese Zodiac Sign Do I Have?

In Chinese astrology, they see the sign from the Chinese zodiac as the most important element. Compared to the Western zodiac, the use is similar. We know monthly zodiac signs, but the Chinese zodiac sign changes every year. With the celebration of Chinese New Year, the sign changes. Depending on the position of the moon, the new year's eve falls in January or February.

A Names4ever Jewelry is of Jeweler Quality

Our jewelry such as the pendants and charms with zodiac signs and other charms and pendants, we make of an exceptionally good quality silver, just like you find at the jewelers. Names4ever jewelry has the quality of a jeweler's piece of jewelry. You simply order jewelry of optimal quality from the comfort of your own home!

Low price for high-quality silver zodiac pendants

For an exceptionally low price, we deliver zodiac pendants of high quality, the same level of quality that jewelers offer. All of our horoscope jewelry is beautifully finished and deserves to be shown off! Take a closer look and order your silver zodiac pendant today! Only at Names4ever, the specialist in personalized jewelry!