Men's jewellery

Men's jewellery

Men's jewellery is all the rage, as men are becoming increasingly vain. They are becoming more and more aware of their well-groomed appearance. Men's jewellery is therefore extremely popular at this time. There are more and more men's jewellery brands and web shops that specialize in jewellery for men. The men's jewellery you see on our site is exceptionally fashionable and very comfortable to wear. The men's jewellery has a suitable size of 26 x 21 mm and all have their own characteristic image. There is something for everyone in our wide range of silver and gold men's jewellery. We have carefully selected our collection of men's jewellery based on what appeals to the majority of men. It is also not unimportant that the men's pendants on our site are reasonably priced! They are prices that are very realistic for the wide range that we offer you. They are very fashionable pendants in gold and silver that can be worn with any outfit. Sporty, casual, or classy, it doesn't matter! Our super extensive collection of men's jewellery goes well with everything. Make your choice and you will see that you will receive an exceptionally luxurious silver or gold men's piece of jewellery from us.

Men's jewellery with an image

You are looking for a suitable pendant with an image for him. We have a wide variety of men's jewellery in various types. Tough, trendy images for the tough trendy man of today. So you will find your men's jewellery of gold or silver with us. Choose from our extensive range of men's jewellery and you will receive a beautiful example with your chosen image sent to you. Give us the name of your choice and we will engrave your name with decorative letters in the silver or gold men's pendant with great love and pleasure. You will already have seen that our men's jewellery is tailored to all types of men. Perhaps you are a tough man who loves adventure, then we have, for example, the compass for the traveler or the anchor for our adventurers on the water. We also have beautiful gold and silver pendants for the (superstitious) men, such as the Buddha or the Hannaya mask. The dragon, the tiger, and the koi carp are more for men who have something with Chinese characters, while we also have an angel, a rose, the blossom, and the butterfly for men who like to wear the name of a loved one around their neck in a gold or silver pendant with a milder look. Actually, we have adapted our men's jewellery for every type of man.

Gold Men's Jewellery

When a man already wears gold men's jewellery, he will also prefer our 14 carat gold men's pendants. The term 14 carats indicates how much fine gold is processed in the men's gold jewellery that you see on our website. All gold sold in the Netherlands is at least 14 carats. Jewelry cannot be made from pure gold (24 carats) because the material is too weak. For these reasons, among others, our men's jewellery is made of lower-carat gold. The gold is mixed with other materials to make it stronger. Even our trendy men's gold jewellery is 14 carats and extremely popular, so there will definitely be something that catches your eye. Choose an image that you feel good about and let us know the name you want to wear. We will get to work making your men's gold pendant and the wait for the postman can begin. Within a few days, you will receive your beautiful pendant with the chosen image. Order a 14 carat gold necklace to go with it and you can wear your stunning 14 carat gold pendant right away. You will see the amazing reactions you get. Men's gold jewellery is truly for the modern man.

Tough Men's Silver Jewellery for the Modern Man

Our tough men's silver jewellery is made of sterling silver, which means a high-quality silver alloy. This is often used for making women's and men's jewellery. You will find the most unique silver men's jewellery on our website. Take a look, for example, at our name rings, which are also popular with men! At names4ever, we believe it is important to create something beautiful for you. That is why we pay a lot of attention to making our men's gold and silver jewellery. These men's jewellery pieces are silver pendants with various images engraved with a name of your choice. Let us know the name you want, and we will happily and carefully make a trendy, popular silver men's jewellery piece with name engraving for you. Tough men's jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. Every trendy man wears men's silver or gold jewellery, depending on their preference. Silver men's jewellery is very fashionable and perfect for the modern man! Silver men's jewellery is simple but very versatile because it can be easily combined with any clothing style. Whether you are the sporty type, the business man, or the robust man who prefers to work with his hands, men's silver jewellery is suitable for you! Silver men's jewellery is also very affordable and adds an extra dimension to your appearance!