Fingerprint ring

With a fingerprint ring, you can always carry your loved one with you. And not only that, a ring with a fingerprint is also one of the most personal ways to do so. Because every human being has different fingerprints, every fingerprint is completely personal. So you always have a piece of your loved one with you. And by wearing the fingerprint on a ring, wear his or her hand a little bit in your hand every day.

Silver or steel fingerprint ring

On our website you will find a fingerprint ring made from silver. So we make sure that this special and important jewel is affordable and very strong for everyone. Each fingerprint silver ring is also made from the highest silver content: 925 sterling . So you can be sure that you have the best possible silver for your personal jewel.

In addition to various materials, our fingerprint rings are also available in different widths . You can choose between a silver or steel ring with a fingerprint of 4 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm. In this way you will always find a fingerprint ring that fits your style and taste.

In addition, all our fingerprint rings are available in different sizes from 16 mm to 21.5 mm.

Fingerprint ring with text

To make your fingerprint even more personal, you can have a text on your ring next to a fingerprint. This can be a name or a word, but also a date. So every fingerprint gets even more meaning and you carry your loved one even closer to you.

And preferably no text, just a fingerprint? That is possible as well. In this case, you can leave the text field blank when ordering.

Ring with fingerprint: how does it work?

Your fingerprint ring is very easy and secure to order from Names4ever.

  1. Make a suitable fingerprint. Questions about making the best fingerprint? Then read our blog: Create a fingerprinting .
  2. Choose your favorite ring, text and size, and place your order. Send your desired fingerprint. Would you like help in determining your ring size? Then read our article to determine the ring size.
  3. We will send you a design for your jewelry by e-mail.
  4. Once we get an agreement, the ring really goes into production. Keep track of your emails ! The fingerprint and any text are engraved with the utmost care and the latest technologies in the ring.
  5. You can get your ring at home within 10 business days . All of our fingerprint rings come in a beautiful jewelry box.

Any questions? Please contact our customer service.

More fingerprint jewelry at Names4ever

In addition to a fingerprint ring, you will also find many other fingerprint jewelry on Names4ever. So you will find various silver and gold fingerprint pendants and necklaces. As heart, round, rectangular or oval - everything is possible. In addition, we offer you many different memorial jewelry for your deceased loved one. For example, take a look at our ash Pendants and lockets . In this way, you will always find an ornament that matches your personal wishes and your memory of your lover.