Photo pendants

Photo pendants give you the opportunity to create a memento of a deceased loved one and carry it with you forever. For instance you can carry it on a necklace or on a bracelet. At Names4ever we have different kinds of photo jewellery in many shapes: round, heart shaped, oval, square and rectangle. You will definitely find the gold or silver photo pendant you are looking for at Names4ever! Our photo pendants are a unique and personal gift someone will cherish forever!

What are photo pendants?

Photo pendants are great personalized pieces of jewellery. On our pendants and charms you can engrave a picture of someone you care for deeply, such as your partner, children, a deceased loved one or even your pet. When you wear a photo pendant you can show the whole world who you carry around in your heart your entire life. A lot of people wear our photo pendants so they will always have a tangible memory of a deceased loved one. It’s a personal and symbolic memento that has a special meaning to the wearer. Are you interested in our photo pendants? Come in and look around at, compare our different kind of photo pendants and select your favorite one!

Photo engraving at Names4ever

Photo engraving is a specialty of Names4ever. We really love engraving your photo pendant and making your piece of jewellery as personal as possible! We know that our photo jewellery are very special to the wearer and they contain special memories of living or deceased loved ones. That is why we pay special attention to the production process of our photo pendants and always take special care of each and every one. We do not have a factory but a workshop at which we handcraft your special piece of jewelry! The level of quality and detail of our photo engravings is much higher than that of our competitors. We always make our photo engravings darker, so the images will always stand out and are clearly visible at every angle. We will not rest until every single one of our photo engravings make our clients look in awe and amazement.

Wide collection of photo pendants and charms

The photo jewellery in our collection are made of high quality sterling silver and high quality 14 karat gold. The collection contains photo pendants and charms in almost every shape. Some photo jewellery are made extra special and have an elegantly cut-out ornate edge. These ornate borders serve as a nice frame for your photo pendants so the picture will really draw all the attention.

If you want a beautiful matching necklace with your photo pendant, you can select one with your purchase. Otherwise we will deliver your pendant without a necklace, which is also fine if you already have a nice necklace to hang your photo pendant on.

Photo pendants: a great present for someone special

Photo pendants are great pieces of jewelry to buy for yourself, but they are also awesome gifts with which you can surprise someone special. Surprise your partner at Valentine’s day, your best friend on her birthday your mother on Mother’s day, your parents on their anniversary…there are so many occasions these unique, personal gifts will really astonish your friends and family!

Every order will be send in a nicely wrapped, gorgeous little box. We guarantee a fast delivery of all our photo pendants and other personalized jewellery.

Photo jewellery at a low price

We make shopping for your photo pendants very easy and fun and we will save you a lot of time. You don’t have to leave your residence and shop until you drop. You can sit back and relax and let Names4ever wow you with our personalized photo jewellery. But we won’t only save you time; we will also save you a lot of money. Our price-quality ratio is the highest in the world! Our photo jewellery are always made of high quality sterling silver or 14 karat gold. That is why Names4ever is the best choice when it comes to photo pendants!