gold plated

Gold plated name necklace

When you are looking for a golden name necklace with a smaller budget, then take a look at our gold plated name necklaces. These name necklaces have silver core, but with a golden layer over the silver. This gilded look is the same as that of a regular golden name necklace, but can now be bought for a much lower price.

The silver we use in our name necklaces is 925 sterling silver. This is the most pure alloy and it means that it consists out of 92,5% silver. The layer of gold which is used for the gold plating is made out of 14 carat gold.

Popular gold plated name necklaces

Our gold plated name necklaces are chosen a lot by our fashion bloggers. The golden color is something you can easily combine with almost all outfits and nevertheless you look decent. But the advantage is that you don’t have to worry as much for damage or loss, because the price is much lower than when you purchase a 14 carat golden name necklace. This way the gilded name necklace is a really nice accessory to have in your collection.

Largest choice in gold plated name necklaces

From all name necklace suppliers, Names4ever is the largest around. We have the largest selection and besides gold plated name necklaces we have silver name necklaces or gold name necklaces to choose from. Furthermore we have a wide variety in types of name necklaces. We have fonts with an elegant look, a tough look or for example fonts that are more playful. Pick the font which matches your style the best and we will make sure that it gets made with your name.

Short delivery time and no shipping costs

After the order has been placed at Names4ever, it will be put into production instantly. On average an order is made within three working days. After that it will be offered to the postal services, which means that you can have your own gold plated name necklace in a very short period of time. The beautiful thing of Names4ever is that we don’t calculate shipping costs, and therefore you don’t pay anything extra besides the price of the necklace.