Fingerprint bracelets

Fingerprint bracelets

The fact that a person's fingerprint is like a personal identification mark, makes a fingerprint bracelet very special and unique. This is why a fingerprint bracelet makes it possible for you to carry your loved one close to you. You can have the fingerprint of your beloved partner, child or your best friend engraved by us. A personal piece of jewellery with a beautiful characteristic which only you possess. Our fingerprint bracelet collection includes different shapes in which you can have a fingerprint engraved. Among them are, for example, an oval, round or a heart-shaped engraving plate. So, there is something for everyone! A fingerprint bracelet is a great gift for different occasions. These can be gifts for birthdays, the birth of a child, weddings, anniversaries or commemorations.

A fingerprint bracelet in silver or gold

We offer our fingerprint bracelets in two different materials at Names4ever. On the one hand you can order a bracelet with fingerprint in silver. We only supply jewellery of the highest grade silver: 925 Sterling. A bracelet of the best quality. On the other hand, in addition to a silver bracelet with fingerprint, you can also choose a 14 carat gold bracelet. A fingerprint bracelet fits easily around any wrist and can be ordered in different bracelet lengths. We offer sizes from 16 cm, 18 cm up to 21 cm. The bracelet can be adjusted in size. Our jewellery has the same value as jewellery from a jeweller. So you can easily let your high quality piece of jewellery be delivered to your home.

Ordering a fingerprint bracelet: How does it work?

At Names4ever you can order a fingerprint bracelet easily and securely.
1. First, create a fingerprint. The lines should be well recognizable. Do you have questions about making a good fingerprint? Then read our blog post: Create a fingerprint.
2. Choose your favorite bracelet and upload your fingerprint. Also select the desired wristband length. 3. As soon as your order is placed we will process it. We will email you a draft of your desired fingerprint bracelet.
4. As soon as we have received a confirmation from you, your piece of jewellery will be produced. Keep track of your mail! 5. You will receive your fingerprint bracelet normally within 10 working days. You will receive your jewellery in a beautiful jewellery box.
Do you have any further questions? Please contact our customer service or have a look at the FAQ.

More fingerprint jewellery at Names4ever

In addition to a fingerprint bracelet you will also find other fingerprint jewelry at our website. We also offer fingerprint pendants and necklaces. A heart-shaped, oval, rectangular or round pendant is possible. It is also possible to order a ring with fingerprint. Wearing a fingerprint ring feels almost like holding hands with your loved one.
Fingerprint jewelry is also very popular as a memorial jewelry of a deceased loved one. So maybe you might also want to take a look at our memorial jewelry. There you can find for example ash pendants and lockets. This way you don’t only keep a beloved person in your memory, but you can still carry him/her very close to you.