Kids name necklace in Silver or Gold

Cute, quirky and stylish, kids name necklaces make a fun and fashionable gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. Children's name necklaces are an enduring and fun present.

While our kids name necklaces have been made even more popular by celebrities such as the Kardashians recently, a piece of quality jewellery will always be more than disposable fashion. A necklace with kids names will not only look great on a child or young teen (and age-appropriate, unlike some pop stars ensembles), but will last into adulthood as an enduring and special item. Everyone appreciates real jewellery. Pick from gleaming silver or bright gold, and choose a personalised children name necklace. You can think outside the box and choose other words too: pick the name of a favorite singer or band, or choose the name of a birthplace or pet. Our kids name necklaces come in a wide variety of styles, and our silver kids name necklaces are very affordable. Choose between many different styles in a range of fonts: some even have delicate animal charms such as ladybug attached. A kids name necklace from us will be as unique as they are.

The Growing Popularity of Name Necklaces

Name necklaces have been around for a long time, and were apparently popular among the Italian population in New York City during the 80s and 90s. Name necklaces first came to public attention as a high-end fashion item because of the iconic gold Carrie necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker's character in Sex and the City. Of course regular silver name necklaces and gold name necklaces are very popular as well.

Kids name necklaces are a real piece of fashion history. Choose a gold kids name necklace for a valuable piece of jewellery which will be treasured for a lifetime- gold just doesn't date. While kids name necklaces are beloved by children, we also see that name necklaces are also worn by fashionable adult women. Therefor these kids name necklaces won't be consigned to a dusty back drawer with the expiration of childhood.

Kids Name Necklaces: A Great Gift for All Occasions

Kids name necklaces make great presents for birthdays, but other special occasions such as christenings or bat mitzvahs shouldn't be overlooked. If you have (or are related to) an older child, kids name necklaces can make a wonderful and unusual gift for a girl attending her first prom or school ball- kids name necklaces even make a fun and quirky graduation present. Who wouldn't love a name necklace which was chosen and personalised just for them? Choose a kids name necklace for your next special family occasion.

Kids Name Necklaces Go with Everything

While a kids name necklace will look amazing with a dress, they're not too flashy or fancy, so our name necklaces will go just as well with jeans at the weekend for a dressed-down yet sophisticated look. As your child (or niece/cousin/sister etc.) grows, she will find that her kids name necklace goes as well with most of her wardrobe. A kids name necklace will look as good in adulthood as it did in childhood- and how many kids gifts is that true of? Give a lasting and precious gift that's equal parts fashionable and classic with a personalised kids name necklace.