Double name necklaces

Name necklace with one or two names

A name necklace with one name is already very beautiful. But would you like to have a double name necklace? This is possible too! Convenient, for example, if you have a double name or if you want to wear your name and that of your friend. Or even if you want to immortalize the names of your children in a name necklace. Everything is possible at Names4ever! All punctuation marks are possible and a heart connects the double names in the name string.

Two name necklaces: all names and many kinds of letters

We will make the name necklace with the desired name especially for you! All names are available and you can choose from many different types of letters. You can choose from a golden name necklace or silver name chain. We make a gold name necklace of 14k gold and for the silver name necklace we use only first class sterling silver. Of course you get the double name necklace completely, so with necklace!

No shipping costs for the two name necklace

Your name chain leaves our workshop within four working days. Depending on PostNL, you'll get the name chain with two names five or six days later. In total, it takes from the order moment about 8-10 working days until you receive your double name.

At Namesforever, you also pay no shipping costs for your name chain!

Low price for super quality

For a very reasonable price we can supply you a double name necklace of excellent quality. Our name chains are beautifully crafted and can be seen! Keep going and order your name necklace today! Of course at Names4ever, the name necklace specialist!