Necklaces without pendant

Silver Necklace

For ages, people have been wearing jewellery made of precious metals like gold and silver. In the past, jewellery such as a bracelet or silver necklace conveyed a certain status, and only the rich could afford it. Luckily, times have changed! Nowadays, for example, silver is affordable, which means that many different types of jewellery are available! There is plenty of choice in necklace designs, including a chunky silver chain or a beautiful, luxurious necklace available in various styles.

Silver Necklace for Pendants

Of course, you'll need a silver necklace if you want to wear a pendant. If you have already seen or ordered a nice silver pendant from us, you can choose from the different types of chains we have in our range. All the chains we supply are made of silver.

We can provide you with the perfect matching silver necklace. This necklace is perfect for your personal silver pendant, which you can also have made in our workshop. You can choose from various types of chains.
A silver necklace is a lovely gift for friends or family members. It's also great to receive a silver necklace as a gift from your grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt, friend, or girlfriend.

Pendants with or without Silver Chains

As mentioned earlier on the site, you can also choose from a wide collection of sports charms, club charms, name pendants, animal pendants, and many more pendants. These are also all made of silver. We even have a small collection of gold items. Take a look around the site!!! You can, of course, order all the silver pendants from us without chains, but it's more fun to choose a matching silver chain and give the complete set as a gift.

Various Types of Silver Necklaces

We supply the silver necklace in different types and lengths. We supply the beautiful silver chain in 38-42 centimetres, 45-50 centimetres, and 80 centimetres. The 38-42 centimetre silver chain is a Venetian link with an eyelet at 38 centimetres so that it can be adjusted to the correct length. This length is often worn by women. The silver chain of 45-50 centimetres has an eyelet at 45 centimetres. This silver chain is also a Venetian link.
The 80-centimetre silver chain is a fantasy link without an eyelet. This length is highly recommended when wearing the silver necklace over clothing.

Low Price, High Quality!

We can supply you with the necklace, or other silver items at a low price because we do everything in-house.
The quality of the silver we supply the chain with is of very high quality. A quality you normally only encounter at the jewellers. We supply the chain in first-grade sterling silver. This means that 92.5% of your chain is pure silver. This gives a beautiful shine to the jewellery and it will definitely suit you! Take a quick look at the rest of the site and order your personal silver necklace today.

Quickly delivered and no delivery costs.

After the order is placed, we will start working on it immediately. The silver chain will leave our workshop no later than four working days after we receive the order. The package will be sent with PostNL, who will take care of the delivery. The package will be delivered on fixed days to the address you provided. We don't know the terms "sold out" or "no longer available" because we make everything to order. It's very interesting to order from us because we don't charge any shipping costs.