Heart Necklace

Silver or Gold Heart Necklaces

A heart necklace is the ultimate symbol of love. It shows that you carry someone in your heart, such as your partner, best friend, child, or another person you care about deeply! At Names4ever, you can easily and quickly order a necklace with a heart of silver or gold. The silver heart necklaces are made of 925 Sterling silver, while the gold heart necklaces are made of 14 karat gold. Quality as you would expect from your trusted jeweler.

Types of Heart Necklaces

At Names4ever, we have, among others:

  • Simple heart necklaces with name
  • Heart necklaces in two and three parts
  • Necklaces with 2 and 3 hearts
  • Heart necklaces with zirconia and birthstones
  • Fingerprint jewelry and photo necklaces in heart shape

Simple Heart Necklace with Name

One of Names4ever's most popular pieces of jewelry is the modest heart necklace with 1 name and 2 small hearts. This is often ordered because it is simple but elegant and people like to carry the name of their partner or other loved one in this way. It is a tangible reminder of a loved one. We also have modest heart necklaces specifically for animal lovers. For example, you can have the name of your pet engraved on animal jewelry next to a shape of a dog, cat, or horse. You can also find a bar necklace and name necklace with a heart on this page. Whose name would you engrave on a heart necklace?

Heart necklaces in two parts and three parts

At Names4ever, we don't just have 'ordinary' hearts. We also have heart pendants that can be split into two or three parts. Great for your BFF, but also for couples of course! So, you can easily and quickly order a friendship necklace or heart necklace for couples on this page! You can have these necklaces engraved with one name per part and then split them into parts. With a heart necklace in two parts, you can keep one part for yourself with the name of the other. He or she will have the part with your name on it. When you join together the two half-heart necklaces, you get a heart shape, which symbolizes your eternal love for each other as lovers or best friends. When you order a '2 half-heart necklace with name', you will of course receive two more necklaces with it. With a heart necklace in three parts, you will of course receive three more necklaces with it.

Necklaces with 2 and 3 hearts

In addition to heart necklaces in two parts and three parts, we also have necklaces with 2 hearts and 3 hearts in our range. These necklaces are ideal for showing who you love. You can have the names of your children engraved in each heart, of course, but you can also have your own name and the name of your partner engraved in each heart! A necklace with 3 hearts is then extremely charming! If you are a mother with more than three children, we suggest that you choose a necklace with 4 or more birthstones; 1 stone for each child.

Heart necklaces with zirconia or birthstones

Our heart necklaces are very cute. The cuteness factor of our necklaces only increases as they contain more colour and decoration. The hearts are available with or without a decorative border, and the zirconias are available in 5 colours: pink, purple, blue, black and white. The necklace with zirconia is a real eyecatcher and can certainly be shown off! The zirconia stone shines at you. In addition to the zirconia stones, the birthstones also catch the eye. But the birthstones are not only beautiful, they also represent a certain month and all have a specific meaning. So, with each birthstone (and name engraving), you can represent a certain person on a necklace. Want to know more? Then check out our birthstone pendants.

Fingerprint jewellery and photo necklaces in heart shape

Want to make a heart necklace completely unique? We can even engrave a fingerprint or photo in your heart pendant! With Names4ever, you can create a tangible memory of someone you can carry with you and never forget! A fingerprint or photo piece of jewellery shows that you will always carry someone in your heart. These are the most personal, unique pieces of jewellery with the most emotional value that you can find. With a fingerprint jewellery, only you know whose fingerprint is on your heart pendant, while with a photo jewellery, of course, everyone can see who is on your pendant.

You can also order heart necklaces specially for children. You can select a necklace of 38-42 centimeters that is suitable for a child.