Buy a beautiful silver photo pendant

What is the reason why you are currently looking for a beautiful silver photo pendant? Maybe you like to surprise your partner with a precious piece of jewelry, you like to immortalize your pet on a photo pendant or your child gets an extra special place around your neck. In all cases, it is smart to view our complete range of photo pendants in silver. Chances are very likely that you have found a great design very quickly.

What kind of photo pendant silver do you prefer the most?

A piece of jewelery is of course very personal. Therefore, you definitely have a certain preference when it comes to its design. With us you can choose from a photo pendant silver in many types. Some popular variants that are often ordered are:

  • Oval pendants
  • Square pendants
  • Rectangular pendants
  • Round pendants

Only the best material is used to make a silver photo pendant

The jewelery will last a lifetime and always look fantastic. This is because a pendant with photo silver is only made from the best quality silver that can be found on the market. As a result, your silver jewelery is always made of 925 Sterling silver. As a result, each piece of jewelery lasts many times longer and the quality of the design can also be guaranteed many times better. What kind of design do you prefer to wear on your arm, neck or ankle?

Add a date, a text or a name to a silver photo pendant

Many more designs are possible than just having a photo printed on silver. You can also choose to personalize the jewelry even further. How about adding a date, a text or a name to a silver photo pendant? If you would like to know whether a text, a date or a name is possible in the design you have in mind, it is a good idea to contact us. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and broad expertise, we know better than anyone what the possibilities are. And that's good to know the moment you start personalizing the pendant you like to wear.

Need advice about a photo piece of silver? Get in touch!

There is a good chance that you will design a one-off photo piece of silver jewelry. And whether that is for yourself or for someone else, the design must of course always be correct down to the last detail. We understand that like no other. We are therefore always happy to provide you with tailor-made advice and think along with you. Contact us and let one of our skilled specialists inform you without obligation.