sport pendants

Trendy sports jewellery for you

This sports jewellery is definitely for you. There are various types of images of different sports in these sports jewellery pieces. Choose your favourite sport and have it engraved by us. You can have your name engraved in these sports jewellery pieces as well as your preferred club. We make incredibly popular, trendy sports jewellery pieces with a unique, rich look. Are you so fascinated by your sport? Then one of these sports jewellery pieces is an absolute must-have for you. Let us know the names you want us to engrave, and we'll get to work creating an eye-catching sports accessory just for you. With our extensive range of sports jewellery, we show that our collection is very comprehensive, exceptional, elegant and fashionable. Maybe you are the sporty person who wants to express that by wearing one of these sports jewellery pieces with your great love in life, namely your sport. These sports jewellery pieces are so trendy that they are incredibly popular. There is so much choice in our trendy sports jewellery that there is something valuable for everyone. We have the most beautiful collection of sports jewellery for both young and old. Whether you like walking, swimming, football, horse riding, or ice hockey, we have it all. So, make your choice quickly from our tasteful collection of sports jewellery!

Sports jewellery in silver or gold

We can provide all our sports jewellery in silver or gold with a name engraving of your choice. It's just extraordinary to have the sports jewellery of your choice engraved with your name and even the name of your association or club. This way, you have your unique sports jewellery with a personal touch. You can always carry your passion with you with one of our sports jewellery pieces in gold or silver, with your name and your club engraved on it. Of course, it's also nice to give one of our sports jewellery pieces as a gift to someone who is completely obsessed with their sport. Let us engrave their name, and you'll have a stunning gift to give. It will be a surprising gift for a birthday, Sinterklaas party, as a Christmas present or maybe a beautiful gift for a graduation or a driving licence. You can make any enthusiastic athlete happy with one of our engraved silver or gold sports jewellery pieces.

Gold sports jewellery

Here, you'll find your gold sports jewellery! No matter what sport you practice, your gold sports jewellery is sure to be found here. There are so many sports, so we also have many different types of gold pendants that you can wear as your sports jewellery. A sports jewellery piece from us is made of 14-carat gold and has a thickness of 0.4 mm. A beautiful gold sports jewellery that will always retain its value. A sports jewellery piece will always be something lasting, even if you no longer practice that sport. Even then, this sports jewellery piece will give you a beautiful memory of your glory days.

Sport Pendant Silver

Do you already have a horse sport pendant, a football sport pendant, gymnastics sport pendant, or hockey sport pendant? Are you already showing off your favorite sport and sports club? It's now very easy to arrange with a unique silver sport pendant from Names4ever! Real athletes or sports fans must have a silver sport pendant from Names4ever. Our silver sport pendant not only features a sports image, but we also put your name and your sports club on it! This way, you have your unique, personal sport pendant. Would you rather have a sport pendant without a sports club? That's possible too! Then we'll only put your name on the sport pendant. A sport pendant is fun for yourself, but it's also very nice to give as a gift! What a beautiful, unique, and personal gift you have to give. Make sure to provide us with the correct names so we can put them on the pendant in a very sporty way for you. So, do you know or are you a real sportswoman or sportsman? Order your favorite sport pendant from us today!

Don't forget to order the matching necklace

Matching a sports piece of jewelry, you can purchase a beautiful necklace from us. With our silver necklace, we have made a lot of people very happy over the years. We sell the necklaces in different variations. The shortest is 38-42 cm and the longer variation has a length of 45-50 cm. Our necklaces have an extra eye so you can wear the necklace at two lengths. Don't forget to order the necklace with it!

Sports Jewelry as Teambuilding

Sports jewelry can also be bought and worn as a team, of course. What a team building it is if you all wear the same silver or gold sports jewelry, each with your own name and all engraved with the same club name by us. That's a unity as a team. Then it's only a question of whether it will be silver or gold sports jewelry. You can also wear sports jewelry as a supporter association. As supporters, you stand together behind your club and like to show it off through sports jewelry in silver or gold. All with the same club name and your own name individually. Show that you're proud of your club with these sports jewelry!