Personalised rings

A personalised ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery to engrave your personal story on. Think for example of the birth of your children or the date of your relationship. Discover our different personalised rings and get inspired by the possibilities!

A personalised ring for every occasion

A ring symbolises solidarity, faith, love and loyalty. Rings were not only common as jewellery, but also represented objects of value that could be used as means of exchange and payment. The oldest ring is 21,000 years old and was found in the Czech Republic. The tradition of wedding rings, for example, actually dates back to ancient Egypt, where they were already the most important part of every marriage. Here, however, the rings were also worn on the left side, as it was believed that the vena amoris (love vein) leads directly from the heart to the left ring finger. Because of this symbolism, the personalised ring is often chosen as a gift and as a sign of commitment. A personalised ring also symbolises a new beginning and is therefore a great gift for lovers. You can record a memory on a personalised ring with engraving. Think of a personal message, name or date. But for those who prefer a traditional, personalised ring, our signet rings are the perfect choice. A great opportunity to carry the whole family with you.

What personalised rings are there?

There are many ways to create a personalised ring that suits you. We are here to help. In our selection, you will find a number of silver, gold and steel rings. From a square to a curved shape, and from traditional to trendy, everything is available.

Below is a list of our models:

  • Silver rings with engraving
  • Steel rings with engraving
  • Friendship rings / Couples rings with engraving
  • Rings with fingerprint
  • Engraved signet rings

  • Each ring can be personalised with, for example, a name, date, symbol or message. It is also possible to engrave a fingerprint. This is a beautiful reminder of a loved one and you always carry a piece of them with you. With our signet rings you can also engrave a family crest or a star sign. Most personalised rings can also be engraved on the outside and inside. We would also be happy to create a personalised ring for you with your own design. Contact our customer service team here and we will be happy to help you create the perfect engraved ring.

    Personalised rings made of silver

    We offer a wide choice of personalised rings made of different materials. We offer many silver rings with engraving. These are made of 925 sterling silver and have a unique engraving. Silver rings with engraving are very trendy and are worn by both men and women. They are worn, for example, as a wedding ring or friendship ring.

    Personalised rings made of gold

    Of course we also offer traditional gold rings with engraving. Our gold rings are made of 14-carat gold. Gold is available in different carats such as, 9-, 14-, 18- and 24-carat gold. The higher the carat, the purer and more valuable the gold. However, as gold is a very soft material, we have chosen for 14-carat gold, which is therefore more stable and more scratch-resistant than 24-carat gold. With 14-carat gold, the gold portion is high but the jewellery is also sturdy enough to be engraved and worn for a long time.

    Personalised rings made of steel

    In addition to gold and silver, we also offer personalised rings in stainless steel. Steel rings with engraving are timeless but also more affordable than silver and gold rings. We offer the personalised steel rings in silver and black. So if you are looking for a personalised ring with engraving in a very good quality, you have come to the right place.

    Order a personalised ring easily online

    You can buy your personalised ring with engraving easily from home. Take your time to select the model and the material of your choice and personalise the ring with a unique engraving. With a delivery time of 7-10 working days your personalised ring will be at home in no time. If you have any special wishes or questions, feel free to contact us. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone 0208 0686513 and we will be happy to help you.