birth jewellery

Maternity gift with name in silver and gold

A birth! Such a beautiful event deserves a beautiful and lasting maternity gift. You've come to the right place! We offer the widest range for you to have a personalized birth jewellery made. We have a large assortment of silver or gold jewellery that you can customize to your own wishes. The recipient of the maternity gift will be surprised and super happy with this loving gift. What could be more unique than giving a beautiful silver or gold piece of jewellery with a self-chosen design and text as a gift? So, do you have a baby shower coming up or has a baby just been born? Then consider our birth jewellery.

Baby pendant or charm as a maternity gift

An eye-catching maternity gift is a pendant on a chain! How about one of our baby pendants? The old-fashioned child's head but in a new and modern style! There are various images to choose from and then there is the possibility to have a name and a date put in it.

Would you prefer a charm? Our baby charms are the ultimate birth jewellery, there is a wide choice of different images for your charm and you can also have the name of the newborn baby engraved in the jewellery. The baby charms are equipped with a beautiful carabiner hook which makes it very easy to hang your charm on a necklace or bracelet yourself. Our birth jewellery is of high quality and is made exclusively from 14 carat gold or 925 Sterling silver.

Family pendant

Would you rather have a pendant that fits the whole family? Then our family pendants are the perfect birth jewellery for you to give or receive! These pendants are larger in size and can be ordered in different designs! There is the possibility to have two to six names engraved in these pendants. This is a typical maternity gift with a name that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Birthstone pendant as a personalized maternity gift!

In these pendants, you can have a name engraved and choose a birthstone. Depending on the month in which the baby was born, you can choose the corresponding birthstone. On our birthstone page, you will find more information about the birth month and the corresponding birthstone.

Modern maternity gift with name

Would you rather give a unique maternity gift? Then our text rings might be for you! In our text rings, you can have the name and/or date of the newborn engraved! And what makes these text rings so special is that the engraving is on the outside! We often hear that men prefer not to wear pendants or necklaces, so the text rings are an original birth jewellery for the father! These have a tough character. This way, he can carry his child with him every day! The ring stands out from all other classic birth jewellery! The text ring is available in different designs and we have several fonts so that everyone can make a beautiful maternity gift with a name!

Birth jewelry with the stork

Let us know which piece of jewelry you would like to give and we will get to work for you! In our workshop, we carefully create your personalized baby gift! You can easily order your unique baby gift from us and have it delivered to your home. Now, we know that the storks are already very busy delivering the babies themselves, so our jewelry will simply go with the postal carrier! Your order will leave our workshop within four days and be delivered to your home by the post. Not only do our jewelry pieces have a great price for great quality, we also offer free shipping on your order!