Personalized Pendants

Our personalized pendants come in different designs. We have designed a personalized pendant for every occasion. For example, if you are looking for a personalized pendant with a zodiac sign, we have a wide range of pendants to choose from. We are proud to offer these personalized pendants to you. If you have a design idea for a personalized pendant yourself, then you have come to the right place. We have a special page where you can design a pendant yourself. We work with you to incorporate every idea into a personalized pendant.

What types of personalized pendants do you have?

We have different types of personalized pendants in our collection. For example, you can have a fingerprint captured in a personalized pendant. This way, you can design a beautiful piece of jewelry with a meaningful significance. You can capture the fingerprint of one of your loved ones on a beautiful personalized pendant. See our collection of personalized pendants with fingerprints for our entire collection. Each personalized pendant, of course, has a meaningful significance, which is why we design and produce each piece of jewelry with attention to detail. Below is a small overview of the pendants we have in our collection:

  • Personalized ash pendants
  • Personalized pendants with photo
  • Personalized pendants with fingerprint
  • Personalized zodiac sign pendants
  • Can I also choose a chain with the personalized pendants?

    You can choose from different chains with us. With every order of a personalized pendant, you have the option to purchase a chain with the pendant. A photo of each chain is available so that you have an idea of which chain to order with the personalized pendant. Chains for personalized pendants come in two sizes. You can choose between 38-42 cm (child) or 45-50 cm (adult). You can choose from the following chains with our personalized pendants:

  • Bead chain
  • Gourmet chain
  • Figaro chain
  • Venetian chain
  • What materials are the personalized pendants made of?

    Our collection of personalized pendants consists of two materials:

  • Gold personalized pendants (yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold)
  • Silver personalized pendants

  • Our personalized pendants are made of high-quality precious metals. All silver pendants are made of high-quality 92.5% sterling silver. Our gold personalized pendants are made of high-quality 14-karat gold. We offer affordable personalized pendants of high quality. We sell only personalized bracelets of jeweler's quality. Convince yourself and order your favorite personalized bracelet.

    Our Guarantee

    At Names4ever, we take the quality guarantee of our personalized pendants seriously. We do everything we can to deliver the jewelry you can be proud of. If you receive a product that deviates from our quality standards, you can exchange it for a new one. We offer a minimum guarantee of six months on all our jewelry. You can always contact our customer service.