Tree of Life necklace

A Tree of Life necklace is a beautiful spiritual symbol you can carry with you whenever and wherever you want. What makes the Tree of Life necklaces of Names4ever so special is that you can let us engrave names or other words into the necklace. On this page you can order these necklaces fast, easy and for a low price. You will receive your Tree of Life jewellery within 5 days after your order!

Meaning of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol that is used in a lot of cultures all over the world. The life tree is a symbol of wisdom, protection, power, abundance, beauty and redemption. The life tree is also known as The Cosmic Tree, The World Tree and The Holy tree.

Trees are a symbol of life as long as the human history itself. A tree is firmly placed in the earth by its roots, while the branches reach high to the heavens. Trees form a connection between heaven and earth. They are a symbol of life because they grow slowly but surely and they go through all the stages of life every year. They come to life in the spring, grow faster in the summer, thin out in the fall and become leafless in the winter. Then the process starts all over again.

According to The Bible, The Tree of Life was planted by God in the same time that The Tree of Good and Evil was planted. In Christian culture The Tree of Life stands for immortality, because the fruits of The Tree of Life could grant someone eternal life. In other religions such as Judaism, Buddhism and Islam, the Tree of Life also has a link with the divine. One can say that the Tree of Life has multiple meanings but the essence is that it represents a connection between Heaven and Earth.

Tree of Life necklace meaning

We often get the question: what does the Tree of Life necklace mean? Well, a Tree of Life necklace is a symbol of personal growth and development, gives strength and brings balance in your life. You can wear a Tree of Life necklace to show that you are like the tree: feet firmly planted on the ground, head up high and your arms reaching to the heavens. It shows people that you are a steady, strong person that is full of hope and has a strong belief.

Our Tree of Life pendants also represent a family tree; you can easily let us engrave the names of your family members or friends into the pendant. The thing that makes our Tree of Life pendants stand out as a great family jewel is that you can also select a birthstone for each of the names you want engraved. A Tree of Life necklace with birthstone is a colorful, unique and personal gift with which you can surprise a loved one. Or the birthstone necklace can be a great gift for yourself with which you can show the world how much you love and care for your family! The best Tree of Life gifts can be found at Names4ever!

Silver and gold Tree of Life necklace

You can order your tree necklaces in 925 Sterling silver or in 14 karat gold. Our golden Tree of Life necklaces are made of 14 karat gold. With a golden Tree of Life pendant you can really show important this symbol is for you or how important your family members are for you. Next to Tree necklaces we also have a variety of other family necklaces.

Our silver pendants are made of first grade 925 Sterling silver. A Tree of Life necklace of sterling silver is elegant, modern and goes with almost any outfit. Of course you can also choose to order your pendant without a necklace and create your own Tree of Life bracelet.

High quality products, quickly delivered

Our pendants are made of the quality you are used to from your own trusted local jeweller. We can guarantee the highest quality of products because we make our jewellery ourselves in our own workshop. Every piece of jewellery gets the attention it deserves during the production process. Within 5 days after you have ordered your Tree of Life necklace, you will receive the necklace in a charming but firm little box. Order your personalised Tree of Life necklace today!