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Baby bracelets are very popular; for both men and women. In recent years, baby bracelets have also increased in popularity. A baby with a nice baby bracelet on his or her wrist is considered very cute.

These personalised baby bracelets can be given on various occasions. Consider for example a birthday, christening or holiday. The newborn bracelet is engraved with a name, making it a very personal piece of jewelry.

Baby bracelets in different executions

Baby bracelets are a nice informal form of decoration for babies. Every mother wants her baby to look as cute as possible. A baby boy bracelet or baby girl bracelet is a great outcome. An engraved baby bracelet is something very personal and can last a long time.

The baby bracelets are engraved with the baby's name making it a personalised baby bracelet. At Names4ever you can personalize the baby bracelet with an engraving of your choice. Most bracelets can be engraved with 10 or 12 characters. Enough for a name. Also curious about our other baby jewelry? Then take a look at this page.

We have baby bracelets for both boys and girls. The baby boy bracelets are somewhat coarser and for example decorated with a blue stone. The baby girl bracelet is softer and finer and for example decorated with a light pink stone.

Safety first with the baby bracelets

A baby bracelet is of course very cute and beautiful, but the safety of such a bracelet for baby must be taken into account. For example, make sure that the baby bracelet has no sharp edges and can be attached securely. Choose simple designs that do not irritate or disturb the baby while sleeping or playing.

Babies have a habit of putting things in their mouths. This can cause serious choking hazard. Therefore, ensure that the baby bracelet is securely put together and does not contain any loose parts. It is also important that the baby bracelet contains no lead. Lead is very dangerous if it enters the baby's mouth. The baby bracelets from Names4ever are of course all safe for babies and lead-free.

Are your kids a little older and are you looking for a child's jewelry? We also have plenty of choice for children.

Information about the personalised baby bracelets

Our baby bracelets are available in three lengts: 11 cm, 13 cm and 15 cm. This includes the nameplate. The baby silver bracelet consist of 925 Sterling silver. Silver is extremely suitable for making a baby bracelet, because it is durable and qualitative.

As soon as we have received your order including payment, we will immediately start working on your baby bracelet. When you choose Express shipping, the it takes around 5-6 business days from the time of ordering before you receive your order. Otherwise it takes 10-12 business days.

Do you want to give the baby bracelet as a gift? No problem! Because you receive the bracelet in a beautiful jewelry box, you can give the toddler bracelet as a gift.