Unique and personal birthstone necklaces by Names4ever

No matter what purpose you need a gift for – the birthstone necklaces by Names4ever are always do very good as a gift. Do you want to surprise someone with an unique and personal gift? Or do you want to spoil yourself with a beautiful, personal gift? Want more information about our birthstone pendants made by the highest quality? Then quickly read further!

A birthstone necklace – why?

Birthstone necklaces are immense popular and it is easy to see why. As illustrated above, these jewelry are the perfect gift for maternity visit, birthdays or just allowing yourself a nice gift. Our birthstone jewelry can be worn on many different necklaces.

What kind of birthstone necklaces are there?

Are you looking for a birthstone necklace? Then Names4ever has three marvelous, original ideas for you. At Names4ever you just order one of the following variants:
  • The tree of life birthstone necklace
  • The birthstone in a heart pendant
  • The rectangled pendant with birthstone

The tree of life birthstone necklace
These round pendants, with a tree of life in it, is worn on a necklace. Each tree of life has the name provided by you engraved on it together with the birthstone of your choice. If you are buying this birthstone necklace for yourself, you will wear you loved ones always close to your heart!

The birthstone in a heart pendant

Heart pendants or little heart pendants are totally fashionable at the moment and draw the attention of a lot of people. We have the birthstone pendant in a lot of variants. You will discover that the pendant is always engraved with a name and is provided with the birthstone(s) of your choice. And we’ve got them all on stock!

The rectangled pendant with birthstone
Do you want something more unique? Then take a look at the rectangled pendants with birthstones in them. In these pendants it looks good if you engrave multiple names on it together with their birthstones. Be original and go for our spectacular rectangle birthstone necklaces! But of course have the birthstones for each month – from januari until december. So you don’t have to search your month’s birthstone: these all belong to our spectacular offering!

Choosing your Birthstone

If you want a silver pendant with your birthstone in it, you'll need to know which birthstone you require. If you're giving a birthstone as a gift, you'll also need to be sure which birthstone is needed. There are 12 months in a year, so there are 12 different birthstones! To help you with your choice, below is an example of the Swarovski crystal collection in the colors of the birthstones. Each month has its own gemstone, which looks like this:

  • January Birthstone: Garnet (dark red)
    Garnet is hard and was used by Asian tribes as bullets in the past. It's seen as a "hero's stone" and stands for courage, power, authority, faith, and grace.

  • February Birthstone: Amethyst (purple)
    Amethyst is a beautiful violet stone. According to history, it was the favorite stone of Saint Valentine, after whom Valentine's Day was named. The stone is also said to work wonders for the skin!

  • March Birthstone: Aquamarine (light blue)
    This beautiful stone is named after seawater and is seen as a symbol of love, hope, and safety. An aquamarine is said to work wonders for a marriage that needs a boost.

  • April Birthstone: Diamond (transparent)
    The hardest of all gemstones and the most talked about. The stories surrounding the stone are countless, and 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'! Owning a diamond is said to bring wealth to the owner.

  • May Birthstone: Emerald (green)
    The spring stone is the green emerald. The stone is associated with clairvoyance. It gives the wearer wisdom and patience, strengthens love, and can correct poor eyesight.

  • June Birthstone: Light Amethyst (light purple)
    The stone owes its name to a Greek myth. The beautiful nymph Amethis saw nothing in the wild god Bacchus and asked the goddess Diana for help. She transforms the nymph into a stone at the moment Bacchus touches her. The boisterous god gives the stone the name of his favorite wine, violet.

  • July Birthstone: Ruby (dark red)
    The king among stones. The dazzling red color makes the stone the symbol for passion and love. The stone can also protect against misfortune and give courage and authority.

  • August Birthstone: Peridot (light green)
    Also known as the stone of the sun by the Egyptians. Peridot is said to bring happiness to a marriage, give self-confidence and physical strength! The stone is also said to slow down the aging process, making it one of Cleopatra's favorite stones.

  • September Birthstone: Sapphire (dark blue)
    This heavenly stone is blue! It's said to protect against poisoning, even against poisonous snakes! In addition, the stone can heal all kinds of physical ailments. The most interesting thing about this stone is that it recognizes honesty. When worn by someone who is not honest, the stone loses its luster.

  • Birthstone October: Rose Quartz (pink)
    It is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is calming, reassuring, and helps with traumas. Rose Quartz will also restore trust and harmony. Emotionally, Rose Quartz is the best healer!

  • Birthstone November: Topaz (light brown/yellow)
    Topaz makes men attractive and intelligent and women fertile and happy. The stone is said to prevent depression and protect against sudden death. The wearer of the stone gains strength and overcomes any fear.

  • Birthstone December: Turquoise (turquoise)
    It is also known as the "sacred" stone. The stone warns of impending danger when it changes color. Turquoise protects against the 'Evil Eye' and brings wealth to the owner. The heavenly color says it all, a piece of heaven on earth!
  • I want a birthstone necklace – what now?

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