Silver animal jewelry

Plenty of silver animal-shaped jewelry at Names4ever! Are you crazy about animals too? Do you have a dog or a cat at home? Do you ride horses? Do you love dolphins? Do you collect elephants? Or do you prefer birds, butterflies or owls? At Names4ever, you can find exceptional and fun silver jewelry in all these animal shapes, including small and large jewelry, silver charms for your bracelet and silver pendants for your necklace.
We engrave a name of your choice on the pendant. You can engrave your name on the silver jewelry, but also the name of your favorite pet or horse. The silver charms come with a carabiner hook, so you can easily attach them to an existing bracelet. You can also wear pendants on a silver necklace you already have, thanks to the convenient loop. Of course, at Names4ever, you can also order matching jewelry such as a bracelet or silver necklace, which is very convenient! The silver animal jewelry is super trendy! Charms with names make a thoughtful gift for someone else or for yourself!

Large or small silver jewelry, round or heart-shaped

The large silver jewelry on long chains is very trendy. You can order this jewelry with your name engraved at Names4ever. If you prefer less conspicuous silver jewelry, we also have smaller silver animal jewelry in the shape of a silver heart or a silver circle. We engrave a name of your choice on the smaller silver animal jewelry too.

Silver jewelry specially made for real horse lovers

Names4ever has a large collection of silver horse jewelry. You have come to the right place for both silver horse pendants and silver horse charms. We engrave a name or one or more initials on the silver horse jewelry. Super trendy and amazing, silver horse jewelry with your name or that of your favorite horse!

Silver jewelry with name engraving in a new guise

You will find super fun silver jewelry with elaborate animal figures at Names4ever. They come in the shape of a silver heart and rectangle, and you can choose whether we engrave your name once in the jewelry or whether you want the name engraved multiple times in the silver jewelry.

Names on silver animal jewelry

What name do you want to see on the silver jewelry you choose? Your name, the name of your father, mother, daughter, son, friend, or girlfriend? Or do you want the name of your pet or favorite horse engraved on a silver piece of jewelry? Grandmothers, for example, love to wear the names of their grandchildren, now it's possible with one of our silver jewelry! Every mother naturally likes to wear a silver piece of jewelry with the names of her children on her bracelet or silver necklace. And of course, your loved one would love to see your name on the silver jewelry. This is all possible with the silver jewelry from Names4ever!

Silver jewellery with animals is a welcome gift for young and old

The silver jewellery from Names4ever is ideal to give as a gift, but also to treat yourself. A silver animal charm will make people happy. Silver jewellery is particularly nice for a birthday, Mother's Day, as a silver Christmas gift or as a gift for December 5th, to bring along on a baby visit, to wish someone success or say goodbye. Every mother, grandmother, friend or daughter will be surprised when they receive one of these personalized silver jewellery pieces.

Comparable to silver jewellery from a jeweller

Names4ever makes the silver jewellery from exceptionally good quality silver, just like you find at the jewellers. When you order your silver jewellery online at Names4ever, it's like you've been to the jewellers. You order the same high-quality silver jewellery as you would from the jeweller, just online from your sofa. And of course, we engrave silver pendants for free at Names4ever!

Silver jewellery with or without a silver bracelet or silver necklace

We make it easy for you. To complete the silver jewellery, you can also order a matching piece of jewellery such as a bracelet or silver necklace from us. With the carabiner that is attached to each charm, you can easily attach the silver charms to the silver jasseron bracelet with a length of 19 centimeters, or to a pearl bracelet, semi-precious stone bracelet, or cat's eye bracelet. For children, we have a silver bracelet in the collection with a length of 16 centimeters. Our beautiful silver necklaces come in lengths of 38-42 centimeters, 45-50 centimeters, and 80 centimeters.