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Arabic name necklaces

Arabic name necklaces are becoming more and more popular. Even celebrities wear such an Arabic name necklace. This means that this type of jewelry is not only trendy, but also contemporary jewelry.

The story behind the Arabic

About 380 million people spread across different countries speak Arabic. It is also the language of the Koran; the Holy Book of Islam. Partly for this reason, Arabic is seen as the mother tongue of the Islamic world.

Unlike the alphabet of many Western languages, the Arabic alphabet has 28 letters. Moreover, the Arabic script is written from right to left. In addition, Arabic has only three vowels; this is a lot less than the vowels that occur in western languages. The grammar is also very different compared to Western languages.

For someone who wants to learn Arabic, but does not have an Arabic background, this can be a difficult task. Speaking the Arabic language will also be difficult, because many Arabic sounds do not occur in English.

Arabic necklaces

Fortunately, you don’t need to speak Arabic to have an Arabic necklace made. Anyone who has ever seen a piece in Arabic knows how elegant it can look like when it is incorporated into a piece of jewelry such as an Arabic name chain. The script styles are beautiful, unique and especially very beautiful to look at. The only limitation for a Arabic writing necklace is that only those who can read Arabic can read the word engraved on the nameplate. But perhaps this also makes it somewhat mysterious. ;-)

Do you have your own design for an Arabic necklace? Then quickly go to this page and get started to design your own jewelry.

Make it personal with an Arabic name necklace

When it comes to finding unique, custom-made jewelry, there is nothing better than a necklace with an Arabic name. Like any other necklace, these types of personalised arabic name necklace are engraved on a silver or gold metal alloy, but now with an added twist of the Arabic font.

It is a fantastic way to give a personal touch to an everyday piece of jewelry. Depending on the design and preference of materials, these custom arabic necklaces can have a refined and modern look. The most important thing is that they have a unique characteristic of individuality as soon as they are engraved with your chosen name. This makes an Arabic name necklace one of our gift tips in the field of beautiful jewelry.

Arabic name necklaces in various styles

We have various Arabic name necklaces in our assortment. Both in silver and gold, and also gold-plated Arabic jewelry belongs to our assortment. A necklace with Arabic letters gives every outfit a radiant touch.

In addition to the choice of materials, you naturally also have a choice in terms of the type of Arabian jewelry. In addition to the popular Arabic name necklaces, there are also simple plates with an Arabic word or phrase.

Are you interested in a piece of jewelry with an Arabic name, but are you not necessarily looking for a necklace with an Arabic name? Then have a look at our bracelets with name or have a ring engraved with an Arabic text.