Pendants in Gold or Silver

Find beautiful personal pendants in 14 karat gold or sterling silver with us. We make many special pendants with names just for you! Name pendants are perfect to hang on a bracelet or a necklace. The pendants have a carabiner hook so that you can easily hang the pendants on a bracelet or necklace. This way you can change again! Would you like to change the color of the bracelet? Then you can easily transfer the pendants!

Various shapes and treatments

There are various different shapes to choose from. We can supply the pendants in round and heart-shaped but we also have cute shapes like a butterfly, clover, flower, bird, bear or cat's head. Everything is possible here with us! With our pendants, you can also choose an opening in a fun shape in the middle of the pendants. You can choose from heart, star, clover, flower, euro symbol, circle, and male/female symbol. You can choose to have the name put on the pendants once or repeated several times on the pendants. This is an original and beautiful effect. (This is only possible with the closed pendants). Browse through our extensive collection of pendants to determine your own taste! Of course, you can also hang the pendants on a necklace of your choice. These are also available for order in different lengths with us.

Silver Animal Charms

Your favorite animal as a silver animal charm, only at Names4Ever! What is your favorite animal? A dog, a cat, a dolphin, a butterfly, a dove, or maybe an elephant? Or do you prefer the print of a paw? We will make a unique silver animal charm for you, also known as animal charm, with your animal or pet or paw print and of course a engraved name. This can be your name, or that of your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, father, or mother, but also that of your pet can be in the silver animal charm! The animal charm is easily attached to a bracelet. With such a beautiful animal charm on your bracelet, you can show off!

Gold Animal Charm with your favorite animal and name

The animal charm is round or heart-shaped. Both with the round gold animal charm and with the gold animal charm in the shape of a heart, you can choose from different animals such as a dog or puppy, cat, dolphin, butterfly, elephant, dove or peace dove, but also from a paw print. Every gold animal charm has a carabiner hook. With that, you can easily attach the gold animal charm to an existing bracelet or necklace. So you can use the animal charm on several bracelets! That way, you can enjoy your gold animal charm with your favorite animal and name every day.

Beautiful Charms for Everyone

Do you want to give gifts of charms with your name? Or would you rather receive gifts of charms with the name of your loved one or one of your children? Or are you crazy about your pet and would you like charms of that? We can make it all personal for you and deliver it! Our name charms are fun to find for yourself but of course also very fun to give as a gift to grandmothers, mothers, girlfriends, or your loved one. A gift to give on every occasion. Because you can assemble your favorite charm here, you have an original gift that distinguishes itself from other gifts because it is so beautifully personal. Choose your favorite from our name charms today, either for yourself or as a beautiful surprise for someone else.

Animal Charms with or without Bracelets

We make it easy for you. You can also order a matching charm bracelet from us. Simply attach the carabiner hooks of the animal charms with your favorite animal and name to a 19-centimeter silver chain bracelet. You can also choose a pearl bracelet, a semi-precious stone bracelet, or a cat's eye bracelet. For children, we have a silver bracelet in the collection with a length of 16 centimeters.

An animal charm from Names4ever is comparable to charms from a jeweler

We make our silver animal charm with your favorite animal and name from a particularly good quality silver, just like you find at the jewelers. You no longer have to leave your house for a jeweler-quality animal charm! You can easily and safely order your charm with animal, bracelet, or necklace online at Names4ever.

Name Charms of Quality

We deliver quality! We have years of experience in making personalized jewelry. We mainly work with 14 carat gold and Sterling silver. This way, your charm is made of durable precious metals. Our name charms are priced competitively and affordable. All our charms are finished with care. Look further and order your personal name charm here with us, the specialist in name charms!