Mother and child

Nothing is stronger than the bond between mother and child, emphasise this bond with our mother and child jewellery. This bond begins during pregnancy. It is truly a miracle to have a little one growing inside your belly. For example, the first time you feel your child move is indescribable! Feeling the child lay in your belly. The mother provides the space for the child to grow. This is what makes the bond between mother and child so special. But of course, it doesn't stop there. The mother-child relationship will always remain unique, as the mother naturally takes on the caregiving role at all times. For nine months, parents, family and friends look forward to the birth. During this time, important decisions are made, such as the child's name, the nursery and developing an idea about how to raise the child.

Mother and child jewellery

Our designers have been hard at work in our studio. To capture the bond between mother and child, we have designed a range of fantastic silver mother and child pendants. The designs are contemporary and can be engraved with a name! This allows you to make the mother-child connection visible and personal with a name engraving! Isn't it wonderful to wear a silver pendant with the name of your child or children? As a proud mother, you want to show off a beautiful piece of jewellery with the name of your child or children, right? Take a look at our website to see which silver mother and child jewellery we have in our collection. It's nice to buy such a fantastic pendant for yourself as a mother, but it's even better to receive a mother and child piece of jewellery as a birth gift!

Mother and child jewellery; a special gift!

Attention dads! You've already received the greatest gift of all, of course. But don't let this moment pass you by. Commemorate it with a beautiful silver charm to express the mother-child relationship. Your wife will cherish this as a special piece of jewellery! And grandmothers know better than anyone else what the mother-child feeling is like. They can choose the ideal birth gift with us. So surprise the mother with a beautiful silver pendant with the name of her son or daughter. This mother's gift will certainly be appreciated! Don't wait any longer and order this lasting gift. And for the friends who have lived through the nine months, through thick and thin, they can also find something special with us! Are you looking for that special birth gift? Give your friend who has just become a mother a lovely silver pendant with the name of the newborn! Your friends will understand each other immediately! Make the mother-child relationship visible with a beautiful charm bracelet.

Mother and child! And what about the father?

The bond between mother and child is a clear story. As it was 100 years ago, it will be the same in a century. Fathers are often somewhat overshadowed by the mother-child relationship. That's not entirely fair, of course. The father has also shared love and pain, felt the child kicking, and of course, created the entire nursery! Our designers have designed beautiful silver pendants and charms for fathers, where the name of their son or daughter can be engraved. Every father wants to be a proud dad with such a beautiful silver jewel! So, mothers... spoil your man with such a beautiful pendant! Tell us the name of your child, and we will get to work in our workshop. Do you want to engrave a photo of your father or mother in a piece of jewellery? Then take a look at our photo jewellery!

Ordered the mother and child jewellery. What now?

Fortunately, you don't have to wait nine months for this gem! With years of experience in making jewellery and engravings, you can expect a high-quality piece from us. We will carefully create the chosen silver mother and child jewellery! We will engrave the name and any date with utmost precision in the mother and child jewellery. We will ensure that the mother and child jewellery leaves the workshop within four working days. Unfortunately, the stork has a lot of work, so we will ask the postal delivery person to deliver the silver mother and child jewellery to the desired address. The mother and child jewellery will be delivered in a gift box so you can give it as a present right away!