Family jewellery
With Names4ever's finest family jewellery, you will always carry your loved ones close to you. Choose from different types of family necklaces.
Memorial jewellery
A memory jewellery allows you to carry your loved one close to you forever. It is a unique way to keep someone in your thoughts. A beautiful gesture!
Signet rings
With a friendshipnecklace you will show your BFF, or beloved family how much you love him or her. It is actually the best gift ever!
Mother jewellery
Nothing is stronger than the bond between mother and child, emphasise this bond with our mother and child jewellery. Browse our large collection of mum jewellery!
Name necklaces
With a namenecklace you'll wear the name of your beloved one or yourself always close to you. A beautiful name jewellery is a true must have, so what are you waiting for?
Animal jewellery
With our animal jewellery, you show that you love your pet. An engraving with the name of your dog, cat or your beloved horse. It's all possible with us!

Lovable personalised jewellery

Wearing personalised jewellery is a wonderful way of keeping your loved ones and the best moments of your life close to you at all times. Personalised jewellery is very personal and has great emotional value. The birth of your children, saying yes to the love of your life, your dear parents and all the beautiful memories you have of them . All these moments are captured in your heart forever. From the desire to give these feelings a beautiful place, the personalized jewellery of Names4ever was born. Like a writer puts his feelings on paper with a pen, we engrave your feelings on your personalized piece of jewellery. That way you tell your own story every day.

Personalised jewellery by Names4ever: the beginning of a special journey

The personalised jewellery of Names4ever exists since 2007. Names4ever originated because, as jewellery producers, we often received requests for the production of personalised jewellery. Customers came with the most diverse questions. One wanted a beautiful name necklace with a special font for her daughter's birthday and someone else came with his son to choose a beautiful football pendant with the engraving of his favourite football player for the upcoming World Cup. These are all heart-warming stories that we wanted to do something with. We started working on the idea of personalised jewellery and Names4ever was born. The first personalized jewellery was made in 2007, but since then Names4ever has grown into the largest personalized jewellery producer in Europe. We have a strong team of professionals with a passion for jewellery. And still today, all personalized jewellery is made with love and attention to detail.

At Names4ever we are proud of our personalised jewellery

Personalised jewellery is a perfect way to remember our most important life moments and loved ones. Every piece of jewellery tells its own story and reminds us of all those precious moments in our lives. At Names4ever every piece of jewellery is tailor-made and can be designed and engraved entirely according to your taste.

Personalised jewellery made from the finest materials

Our personalised jewellery is made of high-quality precious metals. Because the ordered personalised jewellery means a lot to you and you cherish it for a lifetime, we make sure that our jewellery is therefore made of the best quality. All gold jewellery is made of 14 carat gold. The silver jewellery is made of 925 Sterling silver. By using high quality materials, the jewellery will last a long time and we can guarantee its quality.

How fast is the personalised jewellery shipped?

The personalised jewellery is usually shipped within 3 working days. If you opt for expedited shipping, you will usually receive your order within 5 - 6 working days. Moreover, we offer free shipping for all orders. The orders are safely delivered to your home by a premium postal service. All personalised jewellery is sent in a beautiful jewellery box, so that you can also give it as a gift.

What about the warranty of the personalised jewellery?

At Names4ever we take the quality guarantee of our personalized jewellery very seriously. Therefore, we do our utmost to deliver jewellery you can be proud of. Should you receive a product with a deviating quality, you can exchange it for a new one free of charge. We give a guarantee of at least six months on all our jewellery. You can always contact our customer service.

You can reach us at our e-mail address: and our telephone number: 0208 - 068 6513.