Silver family necklace

Silver family necklace is a beautiful gift and a keepsake for yourself and you loved ones. Say what you feel with a beautiful piece of jewellery and a few precious words. Our silver family necklaces preserve your family’s love and the closeness of family members to each other, however far you may be apart in the real world.

Personalised silver family necklace

This is not just any pendant you can buy on high street. It is an original and unique piece of jewellery that no one else will have. It will keep the happy memories and remind you of the warmth of family. Names of your loved ones are all on one silver family necklace, standing together, just like you. These names are engraved in your heart. Let them shine on a silver pendant.

Choose the design you want of your silver family necklace. What image shows the spirit of your family best of all? Is it a mighty tree with its roots in the ground and its branches up in the sky? Is it an elegant circle, a symbol of connection and the circle of life? It can also be a tree in a circle.

Silver family necklaces of the highest-grade silver sterling

Whichever your taste, our family pendants are made with the highest-grade silver sterling. Only the best will do for this exquisite gift. Each silver family necklace is beautifully finished, making for an exclusive gift or a perfect addition to your family’s heirloom chest. As your children grow up, this family necklace will mean more and more to them, connecting them to the times with their family.

Are you looking for an anniversary gift? Surprise your better half this year. With a gift of silver family necklace, show your spouse what you have created together. Would you like to honour an elderly member of the family? Show them they are a valuable member of the family. A silver family necklace will be a treasured piece for your grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt.

Sparking with pure light, a silver family necklace is a beautiful piece of jewellery and more. As they say, it is the thought that counts. Pure as silver, your thoughts of how special your family members are will live forever in the silver family pendant. Silver family necklaces celebrate your family together and each member as an individual, with their name on the family necklace.

Perfect for all family members

Did your children just start school? Imagine how much fun they will have reading their names on the silver family pendants, next to Mommy’s and Daddy’s! These can be the first words they read. In the future they will perhaps gift you with their own family’s necklace!

Show how much you care by purchasing a silver family necklace for your family. Imagine your family’s faces when they see this eye-catching piece! You can also have a duplicate made for every member of the family.

Show your love by choosing a heart-shaped silver family pendant. What can be more romantic, than the names of your loved ones put on a silver heart? Personalised silver family pendants are there to be your own, but you may also want to opt for a gold family necklace – if that is your preference.

Hope, Faith, Love on the background of our silver family necklaces

Your caring thoughts and love incorporated in an attractive silver piece – who can think of a more perfect gift than that? To make silver family necklaces extra special, we also add heart-warming words such as Hope, Faith, Love to our family necklaces.

You can also just have the word Love repeated many times on your silver family necklace. Let it express how you fell and let it be a wish for the future: so that love in your family lights up every moment of every day and night.

Family life is not always easy, but you have gone through rough times together. Celebrate your achievement and make a silver family necklace a reminder to you how strong you can be when you are together. Family members supporting one another, and reflecting that, their names follow each other on a silver family necklace.
The silver family necklace - the perfect gift
A perfect gift for a family member who is going away, a silver family pendant will remind them of all the people who love them and send their best wishes from home. A great and memorable way to celebrate an addition to the family: add the name of the newborn to the list of your loved one and put them on a Silver family necklace. May Hope, Faith and Love live in your family forever, and may the silver light of the family necklace shine on all of you.