Friendship Necklaces

Friendship necklaces are purchased as two chains, approximately 45-50 cm in length, with a pendant on each chain – each friend wears a necklace as a symbol of their ever-lasting bond. This unique piece of jewellery is a best friend necklace for 2 that can be kept forever, worn discreetly - and will look gorgeous when you choose to show it off. Our Friendship necklaces are available in silver or gold and can be ordered on-line at your convenience.

Why are Friendship Necklaces different from other Necklaces?

The unique part of Friendship necklaces is the pendant; split in half, the pendant is complete when it is joined to its other half (which is worn by your best friend). It represents how you are incomplete without your special someone, and how you will never, ever, forget one another. One half of the pendant on Friendship necklaces is engraved with your name or initial, and the other half is engraved with the name or initial of your best friend. As well as feeling special (as it will always be close to your heart), this charming piece of jewellery looks simply beautiful. In a choice of stunning designs, these Friendship necklaces for 2 are available in both silver and gold, according to your taste and preference.

When should Friendship Necklaces be given?

The only thing you need to know about Friendship necklaces is that they are given to someone special; you wear one half and your friend wears the other, and it is a symbol that that person will never be far from your thoughts in spite of time, distance and life experiences. The rest is up to you! Friendship necklaces can be a gift for a friend (male or female), or a relative; Friendship necklaces can be a spontaneous mark of your feelings, or a gift for a special occasion – choose Friendship necklaces for birthday gifts, thank-you presents, engagement or anniversary gifts, a leaving present, and so on. Simply choose your favourite design, decide whether you prefer sparkling silver Friendship necklaces or quality gold Friendship necklaces, and when you have placed your order, Names4Ever will provide fast delivery and free shipping.

Heart Shaped Friendship Necklaces

Our heart shaped pendants are available in four different designs. Square shaped, interlocking heart pendants are available in approximately 19 x 15 mm on a 42 cm long chain which can be adjusted to 38 cm, and 25 x 20 mm on a longer chain (50 cm that can be adjusted to 45 cm). A more intricate heart design is available measuring approximately 23 x 20 mm, on a 50 cm chain that can be adjusted to 45 cm, and a similar size pendant is available on a shorter chain (42 cm that can be adjusted to 38 cm). A heart shape is a clear and unequalled representation of your sincere feelings for your special friend or relative, and will look simple and effective worn around the neck on a chain.

Adjustable Chains – Beautiful Pendants

On a 50 cm chain that can be adjusted to 45 cm, choose Friendship necklaces in the design of an interlocking puzzle, a Yin and Yang symbol, or adorable cute dolphins. The interlocking puzzle pendant is a perfect representation of how two people can fit together seamlessly; the jigsaw pieces are approximately 18 x 20 mm. The Yin Yang friendship necklace represents your connection and duality – for example, shadow cannot exist without light, summer complements winter, male and female are necessary to one another. The thought provoking Yin Yang pendant measures approximately 20 mm in circumference. The pretty dolphins holding-a-heart pendant measures approximately 20 x 18 mm and is a fun light-hearted design that is sure to impress, consider choosing it for a younger recipient or an animal lover.

Friendship necklaces make a perfect gift for young or old, male or female, when you can't find the words to tell someone how much they mean to you. It is a gift that really means something - and you will treasure it forever.