A wide range of fingerprint pendants in silver

Silver is one of the most timeless materials you can think of. And it's no wonder, because the silver colour goes perfectly with every skin tone and is also a beautiful material for both young and old. That's why the silver fingerprint pendants are extremely popular. So be sure to check out our very versatile range. We produce the pendants from only the best quality silver. The advantage for you is that you always benefit from a piece of jewellery that you will enjoy for a lifetime. And that's nice, because the silver fingerprint pendants are perhaps one of the most personal pieces of jewellery that you want to keep close to you.

A fingerprint piece of jewellery in various shapes

In addition to the high quality, there is another reason why more and more people choose a fingerprint piece of jewellery from our collection. You have a very diverse selection to choose from. For example, choose one of the beautiful:

  • Round pendants
  • Oval pendants
  • Rectangular pendants
  • Charms for a bracelet

A silver fingerprint can be further personalized with text

By wearing a pendant with a fingerprint, you are already choosing a very personal gift. But did you know that you can further personalize the pendant with us? For some pendants, you have the choice to personalize it even further with text. This could be a special quote or a special date. The silver jewellery is always made of 925 sterling silver, so you can wear the piece of jewellery for a lifetime.

Very easy to combine with, for example, a fingerprint ring

Have you found a beautiful silver pendant with a fingerprint? Then also take a look at the rest of the collection. The pendant can be very easily combined with a fingerprint ring, for example. These rings are also made of 925 sterling silver.

Questions about the models in the collection? Contact us

You may only buy a piece of jewellery with a fingerprint once in your lifetime or give it as a gift once in your lifetime. That's why it's more than understandable that you want to know everything about the pendant you're going to buy beforehand. Do you have any questions or would you like personalized advice for the model you are going to buy? Feel free to contact our customer service. We are more than happy to help you and, thanks to our extensive product knowledge, we can always provide you with suitable advice.