Golden birthstones in various colours

Our birthstones come in various colours. Each month has its own colour birthstone. You know your star sign of course, but do you also know your birthstone? Here with us, you can check which colour your birthstone is and choose the most beautiful golden necklace to go with it. Let us engrave your chosen name on it, and your special, personalised gold birthstone necklace is a fact, which can be flaunted! There are various models of gold necklaces, each with a unique appearance and character. It would be very strange if you couldn't make a choice with us. It is also very cheerful to wear a gold necklace with those birthstone colours. A gold necklace with birthstones with the birth months of your children is also a beautiful gesture, and you will always carry your children with you.

Carefully crafted birthstones for you!

Our beautiful birthstone necklaces in gold or silver are made with Swarovski crystal in the colour of your birthstone. You also give us the name or names you want in your birthstone, and we will make a beautiful, unique necklace for you with a lot of love and pleasure. We have a wide collection of birthstones in gold or silver. Each gold necklace gets a special touch with the name that you have engraved by us. You can use your name or the name and birthstone of your partner. The name or names of your children with their corresponding birthstones can also be used. You can even choose to have the name of your favourite animal engraved in your gold birthstone necklace. You can also choose a necklace with birthstones of a special event in a particular month. Choose the colour of that month and have a date engraved by us with great precision. Your luxurious, precious gold necklace with birthstone is ready to be worn.

Gold birthstones at reasonable prices

You get birthstones from us at reasonable prices! It is important to know that we offer a wide range of birthstones at a brilliant price. Our birthstone necklaces are made of sterling silver or 14 carat gold, which is 0.4mm thick. Our necklaces with birthstones are of high quality and have a rich appearance! You will find the largest collection of birthstones with us, and of course, you want quality for an exceptionally friendly price. These birthstones are very trendy and popular in various models with different types of engraving. Choose your affordable birthstone, and you will have a stunning birthstone necklace in gold or silver.

Golden necklaces with birthstones!

Golden jewellery is top-notch tasteful and very luxurious! Our 14-carat yellow gold birthstones are super fashionable and very stylish to combine with silver jewellery and rose gold or gilded jewellery. The characteristic of names4ever is that we give our birthstones their own character with their own dimension. Our golden birthstones are tasteful, casual, fashionable, simple with a rich appearance, affordable but, most of all, meant for you! These golden birthstones are for charming ladies because there are gold necklaces with an elegant touch. For the new mother, we have a golden necklace where the baby's name can be engraved with a birthstone included. For the real men, we have very tough and robust necklaces with birthstones and name engravings. For the grandmothers, we have the gold tree trunk necklace with space for up to 5 names with birthstones. Even for children, we have the most fun birthstone necklaces in gold or silver. Actually, we have something for everyone!