Animal pendant with name as a cherished memory

A gold or silver animal pendant is always a beautiful gift to receive or to give to someone. A pendant of your dog, cat or horse with their name is a cherished piece of jewelry that someone will treasure for a lifetime, creating a beautiful memory. The pendant doesn't necessarily have to be engraved with a name; it can also be an important date or a specific word that has a special meaning to you. This makes the pendant unique and special, creating a cherished memory. Take a look at our website and order your unique animal pendant today!

Animal pendants Names4ever

The animal pendants in our webshop are made of 14 karat real gold or 725 silver, just like what you would expect from a good jeweler. Whether you choose a cat pendant, dog pendant, horse pendant or dolphin pendant, the quality is excellent and the jewelry requires little maintenance. Occasionally rubbing it with a gold or silver cloth is enough to keep your animal pendant beautiful. This way, you can enjoy your silver or gold pendant for longer. Browse our extensive collection of animal pendants, and there will surely be one that suits you. Order today, and we will engrave the name of your pet into the silver or gold animal pendant!

Name heart with animals

Our name heart with animals is a huge success with young people! The heart with name has an image of a cut-out animal in the top left or right corner. Cute! The image of your favorite animal in your heart with name. Think of a dolphin, elephant, rabbit, cat or bear. The heart with name with an animal figure cut out. So make your choice quickly and treat yourself or someone else to such a fantastic name heart made of silver or gold!

Name engraving in an animal jewelry is a great gift!

It is always great to receive gifts, but it is even more special to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry from someone. Whether it's for your birthday, because you graduated, for Christmas, or just because, there are always reasons to give someone a gift. Your partner, a friend, your son or daughter. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised with such a stunning animal pendant made of silver or gold. So go to our website and take a look at our large selection of animal jewelry, and order a gold animal pendant for yourself or to give as a gift.

Animal pendant with name, why wait any longer

At Names4ever, you will find a beautiful collection of animal pendants. Whether it's for yourself or as a gift, you will surely find a pendant with a name that meets your needs. There is a choice of different materials and finishes. At Names4ever, you can easily order your animal pendant with engraving online. The great thing about online ordering is that you don't have to leave the house. No long lines at the checkout, just order from the comfort of your own home. Your order will be delivered within a few days. You are guaranteed good quality and excellent service.