Mother and daugther bracelets

Mother daughter bracelets

Looking for a beautiful set of mother daughter bracelets? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here we have collected the cutest and most beautiful mother daughter bracelets of high quality. Our bracelets are available in high quality 925 Sterling silver as well as in real 14 carat gold. We have a big collection and you have a lot of bracelets to choose from!

We design and produce our mother daughter bracelets ourselves, just like our other bracelets. This means that our collection is constantly expanding and the possibilities are infinite. Do you have a good idea for a bracelet for mothers and daughters? Let us know! Maybe we will take your idea into consideration for our next design!

Large collection of mother daughter bracelets

We have several bracelets that could represent your strong relationship with a loved one. For example we have identical, slightly different or complementary bracelets. We also have matching name bracelets for mother and child with various characters in different shapes such as circles, triangles and rectangles.

We also have cute charms with which you can create matching charm bracelets with your daughter. For example, you can select one charm with a lock for yourself and a charm with a key for yourself. With these charms, you can show your daughter (and the world) that she has the key to your heart!

In addition, to make your charm bracelet complete, you can choose from charms that match like a puzzle and from charms with various cute pictures. Of course you can always engrave a name, date or short personal message on the charms.

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For both small and big girls

Our mother daughter bracelets are suitable for adults, daughters, teenagers as well as young children. Hence, you can order a bracelet in different sizes.
  • Does your daughter want to wear a similar piece of jewellery as her mommy? Then a set of mother daughter bracelets is the perfect solution.
  • Is your daughter moving out and do you want to give her something that represents your relationship? With a mother daughter bracelet she will always wear a tangible memory of this strong relationship. And you will too!
  • Do you want to give something special to your mother? With a matching bracelet you can show her that you value your relationship very much!
  • Our mother daughter bracelets are suited for various occasions and form a great mother daughter present. Our bracelets are also suitable for sisters and grandmothers of course.

Show your special relationship

Mother daughter love seems so self-evident, but that is not always the case. There are plenty of mother and daughters in the world who do not have a good relationship with each other. That is why you must be grateful if you have a sweet mother or daughter. Often daughters realize at a later time how kind their mother is. Especially when they've had their own children, they suddenly understand their mother a lot better, which makes the relationship that much stronger.

So be proud of your unique relationship! Show you are proud of it and wear matching mother daughter bracelets! On our bracelets you can engrave your names, a date, but also a meaningful text. So order these bracelets now and carry this special, tangible memory with you every day!