Gift for Grandma

For the dearest Grandma

Grandma's birthday? Or is your grandmother simply the sweetest grandmother in the world? Give your grandmother something that is really special for her. Let us engrave one of our jewellery for you to create a unique piece of jewellery that your grandmother will forever cherish. The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is something special and forever. Show this symbolically with one of our beautiful jewellery that can be found on this page.

What makes grandmothers so nice and special?

Our grandparents have already experienced so much in their lives and have so much to tell, so it's always nice to listen to their stories. You could listen to them for hours. Your grandmother will teach you how to bake a delicious grandma cake and how to sew a broken T-shirt. You make grandmothers most happy with a personal gift that you have chosen with care and attention. That is why the Names4ever jewellery is so suitable as a gift!


Grandmothers love personal gifts with meaning. Our photo chains that can engrave a photo will make your grandmother happy and maybe even a bit emotional. We also have pendants where a fingerprint can be engraved. Do you have your own piece of text that means a lot to you and your grandmother? Then choose one of our pendants where you can engrave your own text. Or maybe it's an idea to choose a family family tree pendant that can hold the names of the entire family? That way your grandmother carries all the people she loves.

Precious and memorable

Jewellery that can be personalized is something special. Your grandmother will feel honored to receive a photo necklace, family tree or necklace with a meaningful text. The jewellery is made of 925 Sterling silver or 14 carat gold and is made in our own workshop. This guarantees quality and uniqueness.

From the moment you order, it takes 8 to 10 business days until you have your order. Order today!