Baby Charm and Baby Pendant with Engraving

Yay... a baby! Buy your baby charm here as a unique baby shower gift! The birth of a son or daughter is a unique and festive event that calls for a special gift. A baby charm with engraving from Names4ever is a unique, personal and welcome baby shower gift! The baby charm has various cute symbols such as a crib, feet or hands, or a child's head. We engrave a name of your choice on the baby charm, so you have a personal and lasting reminder of the most special event!

Baby pendant with birth date

You can also choose a silver baby charm from Names4ever. The baby pendant is slightly larger than the baby charm, with a 20 mm diameter, and not only offers space for the name of the baby, but also for the birth date. The baby pendant is available in four different cute models: hands, feet, boy's head, and girl's head.

A baby charm is also fun for proud grandmothers, aunts, sisters or friends

Of course, the mother of the newborn baby finds a baby charm or baby pendant a fantastic baby shower gift. But you can also surprise grandma, the sister or a friend with a baby charm! Imagine how proud grandma will wear the baby charm with engraved name of her grandchild! The baby charm and the baby pendant are beautiful memories of the birth of a child. You can surprise everyone with a baby charm! A baby charm is an ideal gift, but also great to treat yourself. A special event calls for a special, personal and lasting reminder!

Baby charm and pendant on bracelet or necklace

The baby pendant looks best on a necklace. A collar is available separately. You wear the baby charm, also known as a baby charm, on your own bracelet or necklace. The carabiner hook makes it easy to make all your jewelry extra personal. Collect your own personal silver or gold charms and create your personal charm bracelet or charm necklace! You can never have too many charms! They are super trendy, completely up-to-date and usable every day!

Silver and gold charms with engraving

There is also plenty of choice for silver engraved charms for other occasions. For example, it is nice to wear a name charm with the father's name at the baby charm, and a charm with the name of the baby's brother or sister. You can order a special bracelet at Names4ever to go with the name charms. Then you are not dependent on existing jewelry! We have two types of matching bracelets:

  • A trendy silver chain bracelet with a length of 19 cm. Due to the open links, the bracelet can be shortened if necessary. The links make the bracelet particularly suitable for easily attaching the baby charms with the carabiner hooks.

  • A bracelet in various colors, made of semi-precious stone or catseye. You can easily click the baby charms onto the bracelet. You can adjust the bracelet to your own taste and clothing. For example, if you're wearing blue clothing today, you can attach your baby charm to your blue bracelet. If a girl is born, you can choose a pink bracelet to go with your baby charm!
  • Low price for a high-quality baby charm

    We deliver a high-quality baby charm at a very low price. All of our baby charms are beautifully finished and can be seen! Take a look and order the baby charm with engraving today at Names4ever, the specialist in name jewelry! Be sure to check out our popular collection of initial and monogram pendants too!