Silver baby charm bottle

Silver baby charm bottle
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Silver baby charm bottle
£ 22.95
925 Silver
Product information:
Silver baby charm bottle

£ 22.95

What is your little one's name?

This cute bottle has exactly room for your little one's name. What name do you want to engrave?

The bottle is made of 925 Sterling silver and has the following dimensions: 29 mm x 5,5 mm. The thickness is 0.7 mm.

In addition to this bottle, we also have other matching charms, such as a ruler for the length of your baby, a calendar for the date of birth, a clock for the birth time and a scale for the birth weight. This makes your bracelet complete.

You will receive the charm in a beautiful jewelry box.


  1. Material: 925 Sterling silver
  2. Size bottle: 29 mm x 5,5 mm
  3. Thickness bottle: 0.7 mm
  4. Engraving: 10 characters

Matching Charms:
  • Ruler for the length
  • Calendar for the birth date
  • Clock for the birth time
  • Scale for the birth weight