Engraving Heart Pendants

Who doesn't know them? The heart pendant where you can have a text engraved. Everyone has bought a pendant for his or her boyfriend or girlfriend with or without hearts where you could have something engraved. Or those cute heartbreak pendants for best friends to engrave, you know them. In the past, you only had a choice of the rectangular pendant, the round pendant or the heart pendant to engrave. Nowadays, the choice of heart pendants to engrave is much larger. Especially when it comes to the heart pendant. There is a wide and varied choice. So check it out and order! And have your heart necklace engraved with us!

Heart pendant to engrave, a jewel to be proud of.

Decorating your body is as old as mankind. It is, of course, the way to stand out. This can be done with tattoos, piercing certain body parts, but especially adorning yourself with beautiful, glittering jewelry. The latter is where we can certainly be of service to you. So jewelry is intended to embellish the body. In the very early days, jewelry was a status symbol as a sign of power and wealth. Nowadays, fortunately, this is no longer the case, everyone can wear beautiful jewelry. The heart pendant where we can engrave the name is often made of Sterling silver. This beautifully finished pendant with hearts is of a very high quality and affordable for everyone. So everyone can show off with the beautiful heart pendant. So have your heart pendant engraved today.

Engraving in your heart pendant.

Do you maybe love bling-bling? Then the heart pendant to engrave with zirconia is the best choice. The heart pendant is available with 5 colors of zirconia. Pink, purple, white, black and blue zirconia. The heart pendant is nicely smoothly finished or with a beautiful decorative edge. The heart pendant engraving is done with elegant decorative letters. You can choose to have one name engraved in the heart pendant, but engraving two names is also possible. So check it out and order today!

Engraving in silver heart animal pendants.

Engraving in the heart animal pendant is also possible with us. The heart pendants where we can engrave a name have different images of animals. This ranges from dogs to cats and from elephants to dolphins. You can, of course, have the name of your favorite animal engraved in the heart pendant, but you can also have your own name engraved in the pendant. The engraving is done in block letters. The heart animal pendant is available with a hanging loop or a carabiner. The latter is handy because you can hang your heart pendant where we can engrave it on any desired location on your bracelet and move it around again. Silver heart pendant to engrave in a new style! We have given the silver heart pendant that we can engrave a new style. In the past, the engraving pendants were smooth or had two hearts, cut out at the bottom right of the pendant. We have a lot of variation in these images at the bottom right of the heart pendant. For example, there are baby hands and feet where you can have the name of your newborn baby engraved. But there are also stars, a four-leaf clover, and of course the traditional hearts to engrave. These are perfect for having the name of a loved one engraved on. The heart pendant is available in a smooth model, a model with stripes, or a decorative border. Finally, there is also a silver heart pendant that we completely engrave with the corresponding name. This creates a very playful effect. So order now and have your heart pendant engraved today.