Silver initial necklace

A silver initial necklace is something you would like to have around your neck. Our silver necklaces with initial vary from very plain and simplistic to some more exclusive and extraordinary. However, always with a beautiful and unique appearance.

So if you want to surprise someone – or perhaps want to make a gift to yourself – such an initial necklace of silver is a good idea. Prefer something of gold? Of course we also have gold initial necklaces.

Letter necklace of silver

A letter necklace naturally becomes unique and personal, because you choose your own letter. Whether this is the letter of your first name, the first name of your boyfriend or girlfriend or another significant initial; it's all possible.

Are you not sure yet what kind of silver necklace with letter you are looking for? No worries. If you surf a bit on this page, you will soon find out what type of silver letter necklace you prefer.

We have silver initial necklaces with a decorative font, a more abstract font, with or without a stone, with or without a decorative border, with a simplistic look, with a more exclusive look, etc. Something for everyone!

In addition to the initial necklaces, we also have so-called monogram necklaces. Check this page if you are looking for a silver monogram necklace.

Silver necklace with initial as a gift

Do you want to give yourself a present? Or would you rather give someone else a present? Such a 925 Sterling silver initial necklace is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mother, aunt, grandma, daughter. Why? Because a silver initial pendant is a timeless piece of jewelry for almost every age category.

Would you rather have the entire name on a necklace and not just one letter? Then take a look at our name necklaces. And do you want, for example, to combine the alphabet necklace of silver with a letter bracelet? That is also possible! Then go to our page with initial bracelets.

Initial necklaces of the best quality silver

All our silver letter necklaces are made of the highest quality 925 Sterling silver. The necklaces are made in our own workshop – from start to finish. This way you will receive a beautifully polished and finished silver initial necklace.

As soon as you have ordered and paid for the silver letter necklace online in our web shop, we will start immediately with your order. Nice extra: you receive the necklace in a beautiful jewelry box, so you can give it as a present right away.