Heart Pendant from Names4Ever

Heart pendants are made by us in various shapes and sizes, in gold or silver! We have trendy heart pendants, large heart pendants, small heart pendants, round and rectangular heart pendants with an open heart or a heart pendant with a stone. You can have a name and/or date of your choice engraved on all the silver and gold heart pendants we make. This can be a heart pendant for your loved one or for a friend. We also have silver and gold heart pendants with a lovely border or a flower strip. For pendants with a zirconia stone, you can choose from the colors white, black, pink, purple, and blue.

Heart Pendant as a Valentine's Day Gift

All of our heart pendants are perfect for making a loved one happy, but of course, the heart pendant is also suitable as a gift for yourself. Heart jewelry is great to give as a gift on a birthday or other occasion. The lucky recipient of this heart pendant will definitely be very happy with it. Surprise him or her on Valentine's Day or declare your love to your partner once again with a golden heart pendant.

High-Quality Heart Pendant

We make your heart pendant of very high-quality silver in our workshop, just as you would expect. The quality is the same as that of your local trusted jeweler. We use first-rate silver and 14-karat gold, meaning that 92.5% of the silver is pure. When you order from us, everyone will think that you have been to the jeweler, while you comfortably made your choice from your warm chair on our website!

Heart Pendant with Bracelet or Necklace

The heart pendant and charms are worn on a necklace or a bracelet. This can be a bracelet or necklace that you already own, but you can also order one from us to complete the set. In our collection, there is a range of colored bracelets that the heart pendant will look great on. Choose the color that suits you best! For your heart pendant, we also have beautiful silver bracelets in our assortment. You will also find a collection of silver necklaces on the site to complete your gift!
Heart Pendant with Name
We make and deliver much more than just heart pendants with names. We are also a supplier and producer of all kinds of other pendants. We also supply steel and silver rings. Of course, these rings can also be personalized with a personal engraving. As you can see, we have a suitable piece of jewelry for everyone, each of which can be engraved with the text you provide.