Golden necklace with heart

You can easily and quickly order a golden necklace with heart from Names4ever.

Some people are worth their weight in gold. Moments spent with these people are ones you want to remember forever. Moments with your partner, father, mother, children, or best friend for example. A personalised golden necklace with heart and name is a way to carry someone with you forever. It shows the world that this person means a great deal to you. In our culture, gold stands for 'the best' or 'the most beautiful'. What better way to express your pride and love than by wearing a golden heart necklace?

14 karat gold heart necklace

Our heart necklaces are made of 14 karat gold. Pure gold is relatively soft and pliable, which is why heart necklaces made of pure gold are rare. 14 karat gold is made of 58.5% pure gold mixed with silver and copper. This makes 14 karat gold relatively hard, strong, and certainly suitable for making heart necklaces. Our heart necklaces guarantee high-quality and durability.

First choose the golden heart pendant

At Names4ever, you can easily and quickly order a golden necklace with heart. Simply first select the golden pendant, then personalise it, and finally select a golden necklace. On this page, you can choose from many different 14 karat gold pendants. You can choose from a golden necklace with a small heart, or a golden necklace with a large heart. You can choose, for example:

At Names4ever, you have a wide choice of golden hearts. If the heart necklace you are looking for is not on this page, please contact our customer service and send us a special request. We make our golden heart necklaces one by one in our own studio, which means we have control over the production process, can adjust products, and even make new products to measure!

Choose a gold necklace

After you have chosen the gold heart pendant, you can personalise your jewellery. You can add a name or short text and also choose your gold necklace. At Names4ever, we offer the following options:

  • A 38-42 cm gold curb chain necklace
  • A 45-50 cm gold curb chain necklace
  • A 38-42 cm gold Venetian chain necklace
  • A 45-50 cm gold Venetian chain necklace

The size of 38-42 centimeters is most suitable for children.

The quality of Names4ever

Have your gold necklace with heart engraved at Names4ever and give your own meaning to your unique heart necklace! Our heart necklaces are made of high-quality 14 karat gold. Names4ever stands for the best quality at the lowest price; in other words, the best value for money. This is because we make the necklaces individually in our own workshop.