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Star Sign

A Star Sign is trendy and hot; it's written in the stars! What does your horoscope look like? What star sign are you? At Names4ever, you can find trendy charms and pendants with your star sign. We depict the zodiac sign as a symbol or figure, or you can choose the sign of the Chinese zodiac on your pendant. Additionally, we engrave your name, and in most charms and pendants, your birthdate too. You can easily hang your personal silver star sign on your bracelet and your pendant on your necklace. Completely trendy and hot! Order your star sign pendant or charm today!

Star sign charm or pendant in silver and gold

Stay on-trend with our collection of charms and pendants with your star sign. In addition to our charms and pendants, we offer a modern series of star sign bracelets and a collection of astrology star signs as pendants for your necklace. Whether you're looking for jewellery for men or women, Names4ever has a wide selection of silver and gold star signs for everyone. Check out our collection on our website now.

Your star sign: rectangular or round, with name and often also birthdate

The charms or chams that you wear on your bracelet are, of course, round. The charm features the symbol of your star sign. You can easily attach a star sign to a bracelet you already have, or to the bracelet you order from us, using a carabiner clip. Would you prefer a silver star sign with the zodiac sign for your necklace? Then you can choose between a rectangular star sign or a round star sign. The round pendants have the image of the character that corresponds to the star sign. We engrave your name and birthdate in it. The rectangular astrological pendants show your astrology star sign as a symbol or your Chinese zodiac sign. We add your name to your Chinese zodiac sign, and your name and birthdate to the astrological symbol.

Silver zodiac or star sign charm or pendant: a welcome gift for young and old

The jewellery from Names4ever is perfect for giving as a gift, but also for treating yourself. With a charm or pendant with the zodiac sign of the zodiac or star sign, you'll make people happy. Especially great for a birthday, but also for Mother's Day, as a Christmas present, or as a gift for 5 December. Every friend, daughter, mother or grandmother will be surprised to receive such a personalised silver star sign.

Comparable to a star sign from a jeweller

Names4ever creates your star sign from a particularly good quality of silver, just like you find with the jewellers. When you order your jewellery or jewellery from Names4ever online, it's as if you've visited the jeweller without leaving your home. You can order the same high-quality jewellery as you would from the jeweller, right from your sofa!