Buy the most beautiful fingerprint pendants in gold

For the most beautiful fingerprint pendants in gold, Names4Ever is the right place to be. You choose a personalized gift for yourself or someone else. Because a fingerprint is much more than a print on a gold pendant. It is a piece of someone's character and someone's soul. This way, you always have someone close to you, and a fingerprint jewel is also timeless to wear.

Fingerprint pendants in gold in different shapes

What the best fingerprint pendants in gold are largely depends on your taste. The pendants are available in different shapes with us. For example, you can choose from a:

  • Round jewel
  • Drop-shaped jewel
  • Oval jewel
  • Rectangular jewel

Choose a fingerprint jewel with or without text

Once you have made a choice for the shape of the pendant, there is also a lot possible in terms of design. For example, you can also have the fingerprint pendants in gold engraved with text. Think of a quote, the first words of your child or grandchild, or a precious text from a deceased person. Of course, we would be happy to tell you more about the options when it comes to engraving text.

Made of high-quality 14-karat gold

We understand all too well that you prefer to wear the fingerprint pendants in gold for a lifetime around your wrist or as a necklace. That is why we only use high-quality 14-karat gold. This means that the gold fingerprint does not fade over time and retains its beautiful character. In addition, each model provides a luxurious feeling, and the pendant is easy to combine with other jewelry. Good to know, of course.

A Beautiful Gift for Yourself or a Dear Person

The pendant with a fingerprint in gold is available in various price ranges, so there is always a model that fits the budget you have in mind. Not only is this a lovely gift to buy for yourself, but it is also the perfect present to give to a dear person. Who knows, the pendant might even look better when multiple people wear it.

Want to Know More about a Pendant with Fingerprint? Contact Us!

A pendant with a fingerprint should, of course, completely meet your wishes. Would you like advice on the design of the pendant? Or do you have questions about a specific item in the collection? Contact us and receive honest and reliable advice. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and many years of experience, we know everything about the design models for each gold pendant.